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    Hervey Bay M & G

    A few people have asked so here goes, pick the weekend that would suit you the most to go up to Hervey Bay and chase goldens. [smiley=laola.gif]

    The idea is to either camp or rent cabins (if the numbers work out) at the campsite near the boat ramp. We could leave Friday afternoon, fish the whole day saturday and half day Sunday, with a BBQ saturday evening. [smiley=gossip.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif] [smiley=gossip.gif]

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G


    I prefer Oct 2-3. The tides are the best for goldens. Low tide in the morning and usually lighter winds.

    Urangan Tides
    2 Oct
    04:29 0.72m
    10:45 3.33

    3 Oct
    04:55 0.90
    11:23 3.17

    If I go, I'll be setting off after midnight Sat morning and launching at dawn. Hoping for 5-10knots SE. I wouldn't bother if it's Northerly.


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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    Hey Banana man,
    Think I will be in that for the 9-10 Oct.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G


    We will have to get both our yaks set up with outriggers and poling platforms then [smiley=laola.gif]

    And also we mustn't forget the shark repellant

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    After a few a me home made brews me urine will scare of all foe....
    Foeming Kilkenny

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    Im keen, any date for me. . As long as there is a low tide before about 3pm (Like Wes said,earlyer the better). #Love Hervey bay.MQ

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    G'day All
    Count me in on any date,like Wes has said as long as the tides are good.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    6 votes for Oct 8-9 so far, of which I have 5 names:


    Come on all you slackers out there, put your names and your votes down!!!

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    Oct 8-9 sounds good to me

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    i voted for 9th-10th but even later then that would be better

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    I voted for 9-10 Oct. so did Paul. Notice you've got 8-9 now. Are you planning to go up earlier on the Friday?

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    October 2-3 would be me most likely


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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    8-9th is all good for me, but i back up what jason said - even later then that would be better.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    Update: 10 people accounted for so far on the 9-10


    P.S.: I can provide the bananas for everyone

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    Re: Hervey Bay M & G

    Hi fellas,
    I just registered,but have been reading u guys chat for ages.Im pretty fresh to fly fishing,but to have the chance to sight cast to a few goldens makes me exited I can look after myself,so i wont be to annoying i hope.Those dates sound good,just see how i go when time is closer

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