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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    Hey Nat,

    I saw your Queenfish on page 2, thats not a Queenfish, this is a Queenfish......

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species


    Thanks for that #.

    The Snubbie have a great reputation for been very hard to catch. Us flyfisherman are so perverse, we enjoy the challenge. If we want it to be easy we wouldn't use the fly rod would we.

    I'm planning to spend some time and resources next year on them . I've got both Aussie Tarpon and bonefish. I need to complete the set

    The Queenies on the other hand are suicidal. Great flyfishing species. Take just about any fly especially poppers, and jump. Big Queenies are rare though.

    Here a little one


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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    Did some one say Queenfish #

    Even Katrina likes catching them - and they're always bigger than mine #

    Too many fish - Too little time #8)

    Regards Scotto

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    Hey Wes,

    Would that be Kilkenny or Bananaboy in the background there ?

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    were their any crocs in the area that you caught that queeniy wes???
    just looking at the bloke on the surf ski danggling his legs like a croc lure

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species


    Queenies are made for the flyrod.

    I caught mine in Hervey Bay. I didn't know there were big Queenies up there. I nail that one in front of a family having a picnic and a little paddle. Almost ran over it. Backed the boat back and dropped the clouser in front of it. The leader was barely out of the top guide. A few jump and quickly boated for a few pics. I had to jump into the water to revive it. Queenies sometimes don't revive too well.

    Read a report in this issue of "Fishing World" about 12kg(that's a whopper, did they mean 12lb) Queenie that was caught off the Kingfisher Bay(Fraser Island) jetty which caused ciguatera poisoning. Serves them right for eating such a beautiful fish.


    P.S. Scotto you're getting better with Photoshop. It's amazing how you can make a small fish look so large . You must be getting tired of colour of the reel Katrina using, last years colours . I'll take it off your hands and you can move onto the new seasons colour.

    P.P.S You need to flip both images too. It looks like the reels are left-hand wind.

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    Wes:I actually just got Photo shop Elements - still learning how to drive it .Good to see your paying attention with the scanning - I'll be able to just change the colour of those reels in photo shop soon

    Queenfish are a great flyrod species - and have really made a few trips up North for us.Can't wait to get back up there next year with my daughter along those beaches South of Weipa

    Regards Scotto

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    I love mulloway on fly. From someone I know that has caught ridiculous numbers of bothmulloway and barra on the fly, they are apparrently much more similar than just their appearance. Good fun sight casting to them too!

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    You have probably all seen these pictures before!! I got to get some new ones........
    Here is a close up of the fish in the previous picture.

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    I have only caught two on fly so far, but I hope to significantly increase my tally over the next few months, starting tomorrow. I will be fishing the same location that I caught my first two fish. Hopefully they will be around!

    This picture is of my second jewie on fly, not quite as big as the first, yet still satisfying to watch it leave the school to chase your fly down and eat it!

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    for those of us stuckdown south, nothing is as exciting (without being too brutal.....kingfish!) as the australian salmon. Hopefully I get stuck into a few of these over the coming months too. It has been too long. The picture shows my firs SW fish on fly. A beautiful specimen, although I hooked others that were bigger. Also caught sight casting off the rocks as the salmon smashed into little baitfish schools .



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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    I hope y'all don't mind another yank vote, if I was limited to only one type of fish for the rest of my days and didn't need it for food it would have to be Mr. BONEFISH, I can't think of anything better than stalking a flat and hunting the
    Grey Ghost. (if I needed to eat Tuna would be on the menu).

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    Not a good pic, but that was 1972 and NO-ONE has duplicated it yet, thats 30 years on top. 2 Cobes off rocks.

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    Just thought I 'd add that to the brag swag. Most of the stuff on this post cost a few million buks to get. The Cobes cost a half tank of unleaded and a 1 mile walk. Max

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    Re: Favourite Saltwater Species

    max your a champ i know how hard they pull on a short stroker little lone a fly rod

    cheers john.

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