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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Hi guys, Jack.D from Hervey Bay. I moved up here last year from Canberra. Too bloody cold and dry down there!
    I am a mad keen fly fisher and love fishing the bay. I hope to be out and about this weekend myself, weather permiting.
    I would like to catch up with you chaps if possible and have a chat. If anybody would like to catch up send me an email and I will give you my phone number.
    Tight lines and hope to see ya on the weekend.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Jack, were staying across from the ramp at the van park so come over and say gday on Fri or Sat night, or we,ll see ya on the water. MQ

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    There will be a lot of guys that can teach you a trick or two [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]


    Just pop into the Harbour View Caravan Park and look for the guys with a fly rod in one hand, a beer in the other (or a granny - Nat )

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Hey zeeke, give me a ring when you get a chance so we can work out whats happening. 0418 764 562

    Looking foward to meeting some of you guys seeing I missed last M&G due to boat probs

    cheers Daz

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    i'll be up there too....look forward to seeing you all. i guess i'll be late on the water though...driving up from Poona on the i guess i'll be around the southern end of the bay

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Hi guys.

    unfortunately zeeke can't make it so unless someone has a spot vacant on their boat I'll have to give it a miss. If anyone down this way wants to go up I am willing to tow a boat up there. otherwise hopefully I'll catch you all at the next m&G


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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Its not looking preety up there, 20/25knt wind and 1 to 1.6mtr seas. hmmmmmmmmmmmm Quinny

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    Don't be so negative, you'll see, it will be fine. Saturday might be iffy in the morning, but Sunday looks good though:

    Saturday: N/NW winds 20 knots shifting SW and easing to 10/15 knots by early
    afternoon. Winds tending SE/NE in the late afternoon and evening. Seas to 1.8
    metres abating to 1 metre. Isolated showers.
    Sunday: SE/NE winds 10/15 knots.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Love the way you are thinking Duckbill,
    Worse comes to worse we can fish some creeks, or stay inside drink and tie some flys.

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