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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    sorry duck, wont be able to attend as i cant get the time off work.

    cheers, Justin

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    To date the following have confirmed:


    The following have not yet confirmed:

    flytime (he will get back to me)

    Wes will be driving down from Bundaberg and fishing on Friday and Saturday.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    id be keen.. buuuuuuut.. no transport, so ill have to try some other time.. and dang, just got a new yammie put on my boat


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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Another updated list:

    Duckbill - decky
    Quinny69 - decky
    Paul M - boater
    Wesley_Pang - boater
    Wrightone - decky
    Lucky_Mick - boater
    Nat - boater
    tim_flyin - boater

    Not confirmed:

    Plenty of boats [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Yep im in fellas,i will be with Nat.Is accomadation organised?I need a bed,be happy sleeping any where.
    Cheers Al

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Re. Accom for the Hervey Bay M&G

    Bookings are closed on the Wrightone cabin!

    Fri Night as follows:
    Lucky Mick
    Tim? (I think! - whoever's giving duckbill a ride up!)

    Sat Night
    As above except Wes - so maybe room for one on Sat night if needed.

    Cost of accom will be even split where ever you sleep in our cabin (as I said first in best dressed) - and NO you don't want to top and tail with Lucky Mick!

    See ya there!

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Ill be going up with Tim so Ill grab the spot in the cabin on the 2nd night. Ill sleep on the floor or camp the 1st night.OR, If the rest wanna get a 2nd cabin, let me know and we,ll book another.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Quinny,Nat and i are in a cabin wife booked today.It hasnt got an ensuite,not sure how many it sleeps it would have to sleep more than 2 you d think.So if someone wanted to bunk with us,more than welcome

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Yeh, sounds good.As long as Nat brings back a quiet granny from the club Ill stay with you guys, cheers Mq

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Hey Wrightone,
    I am bringing Quinny and the Duck up on Friday night, can you please hold my place in the cabin.
    Looking forward to it, see you all there.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    Cabin 1:
    Lucky Mick
    Tim flyin
    Wesley Pang

    Cabin 2
    Al Donald

    8 people and 4 boats [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif] [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

    Flytime, Voltzy and Paul M still to confirm... ???

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Tim, consider your spot held. See ya there.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    G'day G'day, Daz offered to tow my boat up to this M&G.. ive gotta sort some finances out, but we might be coming up.. the new yammie goes in for its 10hr service tomorrow morning... so yeh...


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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    Good on ya. If you need a place to stay check with Nat or Al Donald about whether there is still room in their cabin. Otherwise we will be staying at Harbour View so you can check with them for accomodation

    See you there

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    yep, maybe one of you can actually teach me how to cast... nobodys ever taught me, got casting faults to the max still wack out around 70ft of line with 2 back casts


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