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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Put the deposit on a new boat today.. 475 Topender with 80 yammy 4 stroke.. I should be able to keep up with you guys a little better now but won't have it by October I don't think.


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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Congrates on the purchase matt,
    Saw one of those in action at inskip in a 445 with a 60 f/s yammie on the back.the conditions were terrible, 35 knts from the N/W with an incomming tide. #IT wasn't pretty to be in. The boat handelled it like a dream. I was glad to be following him back to the boat ramp !
    Steve #

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    matt...that will go pretty well !!!!!!
    Been out in Paul Meneelies Topender with 60 merc a few times and it handles the rough very well...Great boat.
    A mate here in Noosa has just taken delivery of a 5.75 T/E with 115...huge boat...
    See you up there...

    Al...Love my Galeforce...Brilliant except for boatramps...Thats the only drawback.
    I have about 5 scratches under the bow , and one stonechip from towing.(keep count of them), (gel coat repairs are pretty easy too).
    Cant wait to go for a spin in your with the 8o on the back


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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Nat stop teasing me with that photo.Just looking at it brings a smile to my face I guess you could say im a little excited 4 weeks to go YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaah

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Hello all

    I am back from vacation and ready to get back into business, i.e. fishing. As for the date, who is till OK for the 2-3? I don't think I will be able to make it, should be moving into the new house so that will be the proverbial stick in the wheels...

    How about restarting the whole thing and aiming for the 16-17 October?

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Hi Bananaman My boat will nearly be ready,following weekend might be better for me(if all goes well)What are the tides like for those dates.
    Cheers Al

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    I'm still planning have a look around Hervey Bay on the 1-2(Fri-Sat), weather permitting.

    I like to have a look at the flats before the season starts.

    Anyone want to deckie for me?


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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Well, it seems like I might be able to make it on the 2-3rd after all!!! Wes, I can deckie for you on the 2nd...


    Tides were not too good on the 8-9 which is why it was all moved to the 2-3rd. My boat (yak) won't be ready by then either, still no sign of the bits I need to build my outriggers...

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Duckbill, welcome back. Assuming that the weekend 2/3 Oct is still a goer. Lucky Mick and I will be there for sure. I've contacted a couple of caravan parks, two of three have vacancies.

    Harbour View is best located behind the Boat Club and spitting distance to the ramp. The tariff is $105 p/night in the Deluxe Cabins (sleeps up to 6) or $84 for the Basic Cabin (sleeps 4)

    Happy Wanderer have a Family Unit/Cabin (sleeps 4) at $100 p/night

    Linen is extra at both parks ($10).

    If any M&G members coming along want to bunk in with Lucky Mick and myself post a reply by Fri 24 Sep at the latest and I'll book the cabin to suit no.'s. I'd prefer Harbour View as it's stumbling distance from the Boat Club (and Grannie's for Nat ).

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Duck, dont forget the poling platform on the back for the Goldies. And the "Tower" or cage for the caster up front. MQ PS A yak prob wouldnt be to bad if you were camped on Frasers western beach somewhere. The"champagne"flyfishing is done on foot/wading, so anything that floats and will get you to the right flat is good. hmmmmm wheres that boogie board

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    Sent you an email (hotmail). Put me down for the cabin with you and Mick. All the Brisbane folk could car pool up there as well.


    My offer to tow you on your boogie board is still valid!!!

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Duck, If the list of boaters dont grow a bit Ill have to take you up on that. mQ

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0


    Don't forget the burley bag [smiley=evilgrin.gif] [smiley=evilgrin.gif] [smiley=evilgrin.gif]

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    Duckbill, great! your in with us, hope ya can keep up!! Oh by the way, did I mention the requirement for you to clip Lucky Mick's toenails each night prior to rubbing oil on his (hairy) back?

    Talk to Lucky Mick about a ride up if you need one, I'm travelling with him.

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    Re: Hervey Bay M&G - version 2.0

    This is the list of people I last had, can you please confirm if you are still coming and if you want to bunk up in a cabin



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