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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Hey guys
    Flies have arrived safe and sound in Sydney. Some good looking flies in there. Can't wait to give them a swim. Will post a report when I do.
    Hey Vince, I love those home made flouro eyes. How do you make them? And it's great to see some orange bucktail in use. One of my favourite flies is an orange bucktail clouser style fly with black marabou or arctic fox wing.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Hi Kim.
    I put a nail same diameter as the bead holes, I cut the nail with side cuters that spreads the nail diameter, then push the bead on tight just leave enough space to feel up with araldite, then paint, it is bit fiddely I make 20 in one go, I push the beads on one side into the foam, sometimes feel up the whole side with one araldite mix, while still there paint it five minutes later, when dry apply nail glitter polish, when all dry turn the other side, beware it doesn't like getting knocked with hard places, cracks very easy.
    cheers vince.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    i'm really sorry guys i've been really busy with uni, i had to pull out of a few swaps, i was sure i left a post here to say i was out, but obviously not. my sincerest apologies.


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