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    "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Fly Swap Guidelines

    Final Registration Date: 29/4

    Final Postage Date: 29/5

    1) All tyers to register with swap master by 29/4
    2) All tyers to advise swap master (catchabarra) of
    a) what fly they are tying; and
    b) their email address and postal address,
    when registering.
    3) Day after 29/4 swap master is to email each participant with the number of flies required (total number of participants)
    4) All flies to be posted to swap master by no later than last post 29/5
    5) All flies to be individually toe tagged with tyers name and pattern name
    6) Flies to be securely packed in cardboard or plastic rigid container that is labeled with tyers name
    7) Container to be sent to swap master together with stamped, self-addressed envelope.
    Swap master will divide up flies ensuring each participant gets 1 of each.
    9) Swap master to start new thread on forum for feedback from participants (constructive and positive feedback only please – we’re doing this for fun remember, not to score points).

    You’ll note I have asked that each tyer tie enough for one fly for each each participant, which obviously includes themselves. This just makes it easier for the swap master who can just divide them up evenly and not have to worry about who tied what etc.

    I hope you don't mind but I used your outline because it said what needs to be said and covers every thing, well said
    what do you think of the dates?

    Gary 8)

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    yeah no wories mate well tou know i'm in i'll send you a pm with my details. i'll tie a little black charlie for tarpon it faily simple but i don't reckon you can beat it for tarpon on dusk or at night.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    I am in.
    wouldn't it be better if every one ties the fly of their choice, so that instead of getting ten flys the same they will be all diffrerent ones? even if some tied the same it doesn,t matter?
    thats my way of thinking, its up to you guys.
    cheers Vince.
    ps Gary I have sent you my details in your massages board.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"


    count me in - i will be tying a LTC - Long Tall Charlie
    i will pm you my emaill and postal address

    Vince, the idea behind a swap is that you get practice by tying 10 or so of the same fly of your choice within pre-defined boundaries (in this case - charlies in #8)
    as you'll see although we're all tying charlies, the 10 you get will each be significantly different from each other, its a chance to compare other tyers styles etc
    if this works out i'm sure we'll see other swaps which might be catskill style dry flies, bass bugs, vampires, crabs, whatever else strikes a potential swapmasters fancy.
    its all good fun, and a great feeling to receive those flies in the mail.
    i did a rat swap a few years ago for salmon flies
    and they are now framed on my wall, because apart from me, the other tyers were all worrld famous (dave mcneese, warren duncan etc)


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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    vince you'll find that there is plenty of room to play with within charlies like bream bombs etc its also interesting to see the different ways ppl tie similar flies and compare them to yours

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Hi Gary
    It looks like some posts have got lost. Can I just check the final number of flies we need to send?

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    It looks like 6 will do it.


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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Hi Gary I sent you mine this morning.
    cheers vince.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Vinny I will try your tarpon fly, there are few tarpons here well educated, getting bit frustrating for me. I will see if yours work
    cheers vince.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    hi guys sorry been tied up for a while i'll still be in the swap is every thing still all go?
    are you going to be swapmaster Anselmo? if so can you send me a pm with postage details.

    p.s how'd you go on the tarpon Vince?

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Vinny I let you know when you send the flies, waiting for your special tarpon fly.
    cheers vince.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Hey Gary
    Flies are tied and packed. Just need to get to the post office and they'll be on their way.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Kym your flys have arived thats all of them I'll pack them up and retern them tomorow.
    there are some great flys. good job guys.


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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    Hi guys I got the flies they all look super, how ever there was only 2 names with the flies Kims and Anselmos, I don't know guys how you make it look so neat.
    Vinny I was waiting for that tarpon black charlie what happened?
    cheers vince.

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    Re: "Fly Swap 1 - Charlies"

    I tied the "Jelly Charlly" . with the soft plastic tail.


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