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    Scared of fly fishing reels

    I have been wanting to start salt water fly fishing around the gold coast for a while now but am a bit intimidated by a few things.

    I have been reading a fly fishing article one of the big glossy national magazines that I don't know whether I can quote in here directly. In the first article the author said when setting up he would get a 6 weight and a 9 weight outfit with the best rods you can afford and the best reel you can afford on the 9 weight. Intimidation Point #1. Who agrees with this?

    I also watched a foxtel show where the guy was using an Alvey fly reel off a very large boat and catching very large tailor. This reel had a drag system which I really like the idea of on a fly reel if I get connected to a tuna or any species of mackerel one day. I have used alveys in my youth and one of the things I don't miss about them is the lack of a drag on MOST models. Something I love about catching pelagics is that feeling you get when the fish takes off and the ratchet starts to scream so this has slowed my entry into the realm of SWF. IP #2 Anybody used one or have feelings about this?

    If anybody saw thie episode can they comment on whether this reel was approximately a 9 weight.

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    Re: Scared of fly fishing reels

    Agree 100% - buy the best you can afford. Saltwater is a harsh environment.
    I've got an Alvey - like all Alveys they are bullet proof but with that comes the weight - not good to be casting all day. The Alvey would be too big for a 9wt, they're more suited to the larger end 11,12 above.

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    Re: Scared of fly fishing reels

    i agree with jack. i got into fly fishing 8yrs ago and decided on a life time garenteed rod/reel (sage) 5weight. just in case i broke it , it would be replaced for life. to this day rod/reel is running like the day i bought them. now iam moving to cairns next month and want to get into some bigger fish. iam going down the same road and just bought a 9/10 hardy /angel reel and looking for the sage rod to go with that. they cost a fair wack but they hold there resale value quite well. also if the rod snaps for what ever reason they will replace them wether it happens tomorrow or in 20yrs time.
    good luck dan

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    Re: Scared of fly fishing reels

    Thanks guys don't feel so silly about asking about Alvey fly reels now so how about these questions.

    Would a cheapy entry level outfit to practice on flatty's, mullet, trevors, etc be ok for the Gold Coast canals and creeks? And would an 11 or 12 weight be ok with one of the Alveys (which I have also spotted on the Alvey bit on this site) be ok for chucking at Goldy pelagics from a boat this summer?

    I just wanna hear a drag scream you see.

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    Re: Scared of fly fishing reels

    11# and 12#are big fish rods and probably overkill on most of the pelagics swimming around off the Goldie.
    Grab yourself a 6# or 7# for the estuaries and a 9#or 10# for the bigger stuff and you will be pretty much covered.
    The South East Qld Flyfishers have a meeting this Tuesday at the Mermaid Beach Bowls Club,Markeri St Mermaid Beach.If you can make it I'll bring a couple of my outfits for you to have a cast.

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    Re: Scared of fly fishing reels

    Glen if you bring them I will have a go as well.
    cheers vince.

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