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    14wt fly lines best make

    Hi guys

    Looking to load up my 14wt composite for the summer season, what would be a good line in a weight forward floating and a weight forward sinking to buy. Will hopefully get away with just the 2 lines.

    Cheers Roderick.

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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make


    I use the Rio Deepsea 600 grain, Rio Leviathan (built on 70lb core) 500 grains ( both floating and sinking) on my 15 weight. The Rio seem to have a lot of memory and require a very good stretch before use.

    I also use the Scientific Angler Bluewater fast sinking flylines.


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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make

    Thanks Wes I was looking at the Scientific Anglers , I use them on my 10wt. I think I will probably go for them.

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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make

    Do you fly fish too Roderick. If you use fly like you do plastics and jigs, the fish got no hope .
    Cheers, Jay

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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make


    Yeah mate I used to fish with fly heaps in South Africa for giant herring and trout and whatever else had a tail, Did a trip to Florida a few years ago to target Tarpon On the Flats. An absolutely awesome fish biggest we hooked was about 150lb. I am keen to get into it again now with summer here.


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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make


    Have a look on eBay, I have picked up a few SA Bluewater lines in the past month in the 12-14 range plus an SA billfish 13.

    Otherwise as Wes said the Deepseas are good lines, I use a 600grain on my 12 weight but it is more of a chuck and duck proposition. Would be better suited to my new 13 weight I think, will have to try it out...

    What will you be chasing with the 14 weight? Tough weight rod to cast...

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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make

    Mate I would like to rig it up and then take it to sea with me. I got a big kingie on sp a few weeks ago and could quite easily have cast a fly at them IF i had it on the boat.So pretty much trying to get my fly gear all sorted out and ready to fish with.Would prefer taking the big rod as apposed to the 10 wt so that if we do come across some good fish then I wont be undergunned.

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    Re: 14wt fly lines best make


    If that's the case I would just use a sinking line, and if there is structure around that could cause you to lose a flyline then get some T14 or LC13. My guess is that you wouldn't need to cast to far so the extra fast sinking shooting heads would do the trick. Try posting on this site for more info: http://www.saltwater (remove the space in the middle )

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