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Thread: flies for carp

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    flies for carp

    G'day I live almost on the murray at Goolwa south australia and have just taken up fly fishing I'd like to give carp a try has anyone every caught carp on flys, what would be the best pattern to try, I've heard that the wooly bugger pattern is worth a try anyone have any thoughts.

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    Re: flies for carp


    Have not fished for carp myself but have a couple of mates who reckon it's great fun.

    Have a look at Its an American site which doesn't get much traffic but if you do a search you'll find plenty of old but informative posts. They currently have a fly swap going.

    Good luck

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    Re: flies for carp

    What do you do with the carp after you have landed them , i no that it is illegal to realese them in some areas

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    Re: flies for carp

    yeh go the woolybuggers or a small shrimp pattern,let the flyto be cast out in front of your carp and when its about afoot or2 away give it a little twitch and if he sucks it down (strike ) and hold on as they can really go even in afew inches of water. bdowdy

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    Re: flies for carp

    oh yeh i forgot keep them and throw them in your garden, it works atreat. bdowdy

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    Re: flies for carp


    I caught heaps in sa on fly and the best was definately a black wooly bugger with a red tail. In slightly deeper water use one with a bit of weight on the body and in shallower water just standard. Fish them just like bdowdy sais , they are good fun and go really hard.

    Cheers Rod.

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    Re: flies for carp

    Carp will inhale just about anything that will fit in there gob. Wooly buggers in Brown, Black, Maroon, olive are probably the best. Some of the shrimp patterns in the same colours are good. Clousers and vampires also work,in clear water try a pink over white or chartruese over white, dont be frightened of flash .
    Carp are great fun and are good practice for other species that you dont get access to in inland areas.
    Paul McNaught

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    Re: flies for carp

    Many years ago saw a session on tv about carp on fly, they used woolly buggars and leach patterns in black, purple and black and red. they worked on tv.

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    Re: flies for carp

    Hi I live in the southern outskirts of Canberra and work a fem minutes walk from the Murrumbidgee river. I have had most success with the sunset fly which sinks very slowly but the carp love the bright colours.



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    Re: flies for carp

    i heard that they take size 10 bead head nyphs alot
    but u gotta land the fly right on their nose cuz their too lazy.

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    Re: flies for carp

    Hi Tony. I am Allan, I live at Port Elliot..Never tried fly fishing for carp...Interesting

    Allan (aust-fire)

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    Re: flies for carp

    Hi guys any luck with catching Carp on the Fly .Have tried in the Torrens the last two weeks for a nil result .hopefully with the weather warming up it will get better.

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    Re: flies for carp

    Mickyj, this thread is 4 years old.

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    Re: flies for carp

    I worked that out after I posted

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    Re: flies for carp

    Wow how have things changed........... we used to go along with 12 guage shotguns shooting the vermin as they sucked up the mud from the river banks, but unfortuneately that side of the sport has gone now. never thought I would see the day fishing for carp sorry......... would be a sport. I came from wagga wagga and when I was growing up there were thousands of the bloody things around the place, are they still in the same plague proportions??
    Cheers Garry

    A bad day fishing, beats a good day at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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