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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Gidday Lat

    MAte you will no doubt get plenty of gusy telling you to buy this or to buy that.

    But teh old adage , buy teh best rod you can afford rings very tru. Even more so when you start into the med SW range of rods.

    There are some really good rods around at teh moment , as the fly rod manufacturers all up their game.

    Try an dget a look at either of these as tehy are great value and cast well, and more importantly WONt break teh bank.

    VISION 3zone SWS 9ft #10 -4 pce. Go for a four piece you wont be able to tell teh difference and you will use it more as you travel. ( Not sure but I think this retials for around 250 ???) Great value.

    They also do some pretty nice reels too.

    Also the INNOVATOR range, they have an updated model due for release soon and they will be pretty nice too.

    The Vision will be cheaper and they come out of Europe and are very big over there,cast well and have plenty of fish fisghting in them.

    Just MHO. I get to play with plenty of rods and if you are looking for value then these would fit the bill. Either will allow you to chase inshore species, longtails, barra, queenies, salmon etc etc

    On teh other hand if you win lotto and enat teh beat tehn go for a Loomis Cross Current

    Good Luck

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod


    Sorry about my spelling! Bloody attrocious!!!
    Who woudl of thought I got A + for English at school. LMAO

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    10#saltwater rod

    Goodya guys. Thought i might get some feedback on what to buy in regard to a 10# saltwater fly rod. Would only be using it a few times a year and dont want to break the bank. Look forward to hear your thoughts.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    The more expensive rods have their advantages, the same like cars.

    In the end, an expensive car would get you to your destination just as well as a standard vehicle would. You get the idea of what I am trying to say here.

    There are a lot of good mid range rods around, and then there are a lot of rods around that are sold as good mid range rods but they are not near to it.

    Look at the quality of construction. Will that reel seat rust? Can water get in behind where the eyes are joined to the rod? What are the eyes made of? (Cheap eyes wear out over time and will damage your expensive fly line)Do they supply it in a rod tube or in a canvas bag? (Tubes are better, better protection.)
    How does the reel you want to put on it affect the balance? How does the fly line you fish with perform on that rod. (I have a Cortland line that I can not cast further than 40 feet on my Stealth rod, but I can easily do 70 feet with a Thomas and Thomas rod using the exact same line and reel)

    I am not gonna go in to resin quality, blank grinding and finish, ferule protection etc. In the end it is up to you to decide based on your requirements, bank balance, fishing style etc.

    What I would suggest though, buy the best you can comfortably afford AFTER you have played around with a few of the models.

    Look at it this way, the better half knows you are stuck inside a fishing tackle shop and not down the road in a pub staring at other merchandise


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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Thanks for the good advise guys. I will be using a redington gold al 9/10 # reel to whatever i buy. I have a vision 7# in 3 piece and i use that for the trout in lakes and it is a great rod. Will start to look around in the next couple of weeks.. Once again thanks for the replies


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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Quote Originally Posted by wessel
    Look at it this way, the better half knows you are stuck inside a fishing tackle shop and not down the road in a pub staring at other merchandise :-

    Hmmm....unless you are doing both, and therefore want to save some money by not buying the more expensive rod.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Wisdom from experience says buy the rod that has the guarantee.

    It is more expensiver, and even for only 2/3 times a year the "insurance premium" can be worthwhile.

    I have broken 3 rods now (2 in a car door) and one by casting a size 2/0 popper, that on the back cast hit the rod tip.

    In all cases I had a replacement rod, while the rod was repaired. This tyoe of service might be dealer specific, but without the rod guarantee I would have got nowhere.

    My opinion - like Wessel suggested also entails USING the rod's first. take the time, cast the rods first - take them for a test drive

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Lattiude 3256,
    Have sent you a PM.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    to mention a name - since that is what you asked for - I use a 10wt St Croix - beautiful action, and I can keep going with it all day.

    I also have a 12 wt St Croix, but I must admit I find it extremely hard work casting it for more than 3 hours successively.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    The st croiux sounds like a great rod, but probably a bit out of my price range. I have seen the fresh water rods that they make and they are a great piece of work. Am still hunting around.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Now there is a rod I have on my wishlist...........

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    have a look at ebay USA for second hand sage rods. cheap as chips.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Quote Originally Posted by fishface
    have a look at ebay USA
    If you're gonna get into postage and paying for it, PM me and I'll get quotes fopr prices in South Africa for the custom built St Croix's here.

    Slow down, and you'll get the best you can.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    check this out

    All forums-> Fly Fishing Tackle-> Saltwater Outfit for Sale

    Horizon 9010-3 TRS Fly-Rod 10 weight 3 piece with rod tube
    Explorer XPLA Large Arbor
    Airflow Intermediate Sink 10 weight
    Running Line
    Airflow Shooting Head


    If I remember correctly you divide by five for AUD - Therefore 500AUD = all this plus postage ( or wait till April and I can get it flown by a mate to Sydney)

    The St Croix in Sa is about the same - wanna go ahead ?

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    I am in melbourne. I am only wanting to buy a rod as i have already got a redington9/10# gold al reel. It is already spooled with backing and a scientific anglers tropi core intermediate 10# line.

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