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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Sydney's the best I can do without postage and packaging.

    Check e-bay USA, if you like Pm me and I'll check around here, but need some specifics like budget, action, and other preferences

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Have a look at the NZ composite developments. I have a couple (9 and 12 wt). The 9wt is a boron composite 9' 2 piece and has caught hundreds of fish in NT, PNG, Qld including 35lb barra, GT to 12 kg and Macks to 10 Kg. Bought the blank and made it up for about $250.

    The 12wt is a horse and not something I use frequently, pull it out for billie or big cobes.

    10wt is great all round

    If you are in Melb - talk to guys at Compleat Angler, as they should be able to show you whats available.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick_Currey
    Have a look at the NZ composite developments. I Bought the blank and made it up for about $250.
    Good advice, let us know how you go

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    I may have been lucky but I got a Loomis IMX 10# from the states on Ebay form a custom rod maker (new) for AU$250 including postage. I haven't seen any of his auctions lately so he may have moved on. I did start off with $1000 budget for a rod but SWMBO managed to siphon off most of it so I had to think smarter. As previous posts have said, slow down and do your homework.....Ebay for a couple of weeks and see what pops up.


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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Thanks noggy. I will have a look at ebay in the next few days.

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Straight up, a TFO Lefty Kreh SiCr as good as any of the top brands, 100% guaranteed, 4 piece and very good gear. Cheers MaxG

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    I note that you might be using only a few times a year, where is the going to be, because it directly relates to what you might need. No point in getting a 10# rod is the fish you meet are small. Its easy enough to change a fly line but not so easy to change a rod after you find out its not what you want.
    In general terms, a 9 foot 10 weight fly rod equates to a 9 foot 0.5 to 1.0 ounce spinning rod, actually a quite useful fishing tool. If this kind of thing is what you need then the 10 will do. I'd suggest a TFO

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    hey currently have a 10 weight pen international rod used once for sale if your interested PM me your details and i will call

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    Re: 10#saltwater rod

    Have a 4pce #10 vision a fantastic rod for tuna , barra and goldens and at $250.00 or there abouts from memory an absolutely awesome rod am about to purchase a #8 4pce vision as well for my fishing around the Bribie Island flats.



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