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Thread: Species on Fly

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Javelin fish is also known as a Grunter I would be happy just getting some of those fish too dam!!!


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    Re: Species on Fly

    Sharks were a planned capture. Got that one out of a Cape York creek (the mouth of the Skardon) when we were bored

    I reckon every fish on fly is a great capture. Absolutely LOVED catching Jungle Perch and Sooties on surface flies in the Russell River a couple of years ago with then guide Peter Haynes. He was an absolute nutcase and we spend more time on the floor of the boat laughing than catching fish!!

    Probably the toughest fishing i had was in New Caledonia over a wind-swept flat. heaps of cloud cover and sharks that ate every bonefish we hooked made things even harder. Anyway, I ended up with my first bonefish which was great.

    The most difficult fish to land was my first black marlin. i had to wind the fish in left handed and I am the most uncordinated person doing ANYTHING left handed.... anyway, i had been using a right hand retrieve reel but unfortunately the line had a few twists in it so to avoid disaster, i used the other rod that was set up. My first Black Marlin was a huge thrill. Put in a lot of work over two days for that. Bloody expensive little outing that one

    Chasing Golden Trevally on the flats up at Hervey Bay/Fraser Island has always been at the top of my list. I love it up there. Oh, Cape York is a pretty special place as well

    Oh, my 7.5lb Fingermark was a bit of a fluke. I had been fishing Dufyken Point (check the spelling!) near Weipa for Queenies and after I'd released an absolute ripper of a fish, the queenie spewed up a few morsals ... anyway, as it swam away, two large fingermark came up to eat what the Queenie just got rid of. I cast out and the surf candy floated down into the "berley" and the Fingermark ate it and took off. Saw everything and it was spectacular. They pull pretty damn hard too.

    I've had a ball flyfishing. Was hard not to get hooked after landing an 8kg Golden Trevally as my first ever fish on fly. I've got some fantastic memories of fish captures and even better memories of the people I've fished with...... There are some absolute ratbags out there, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Hi Leeann, great to see you on this forum after reading so much about your exploits in various mags over the years. I can only dream of seeing half the locations you have fished. Look forward to reading more from you.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Sometimes I get a little hard pressed for time to do everything unfortunately. #I hold down a "normal" job however I #fish a lot. # I'm Brisbane based and will drive to Gladstone for a weekend fishing the dam if the weather's good. # #Then I've got to fit in the writing which I find a lot of fun too. # Then there's an acreage block to look after. #The cows have got half of it sorted but i still have to do "laps" on the ride on # # # # #I'm enjoying it all. #Have got a great balance happening.
    Would love to travel even more and may look at 2007 for something a little different.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Quote Originally Posted by LeeannP

    Would love to travel even more and may look at 2007 for something a little different. #

    Anyone up for planning a trip to fish Mozambique next year ? I'd love to "host" you. By then I'll have the boat license and I've already got the boat and landy.

    I'm sure I could get a good mate to bring his ducky along ?

    Catchy Fishy

    PS Nice reading about your exploits LeeannP - 8kg golden on your first cast - lady luck I say

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Did somebody say Mozambique?

    When are we going? I am booking my seat now for right up front on the bow.

    Oh yes, where are my manners..............................PLEASE CAN I GO WITH !!!

    Better start working now on my brownie points with the missus.


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    Re: Species on Fly

    Quote Originally Posted by catchy_fishy
    [quote author=LeeannP link=1138307691/30#33 date=1152162402]

    8kg golden on your first cast - lady luck I say #
    First cast? #oh god no!!!!!! # had a million casts before the stupidest fish in the ocean took my fly #

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Quote Originally Posted by wessel
    Oh yes, where are my manners..............................PLEASE CAN I GO WITH !!!

    Better start working now on my brownie points with the missus.

    Before we jump in feet first, my second deckie is arriving next week - I'm really low on brownie points right now but give it a month or so to plan and I'm sure we can cook something up for say September / October next year.

    I'm thinking about halfway up - Inhambane or even Qusiko (slightly lower). If you wanted to make the great trek to Bazaruto I would have to really work hard at it. Petrol in Moz is *%# expensive, not like Qatar and with a V8 and boat fuel we couldn't carry enough illegally, let alone legally.

    I will however start to find out about venues for camping higher than Inhambane - camping is the only way I would do the trip. I've got the freezers, generator, tables, 3 tents - one as a kitchen, shade cover for at leats four metres cover, rain sheets, water storage, ample chairs, and I'm sure I could get a loan of extra gas bottles.

    Paul and I (my mate with the Ducky) are both into camping and between us have about the same amount of gear - so if I can con him, consider that to be double everything. If not PAul, then maybe another PAul - he has a beaut of a Cat but he's scared his vehicle can't pull it that far. (900 -1800 km's depending how far one went up the coast). If I twist his arm, and let the landy pull his boat, and his Isuzu pull mine (which is a glass boat so much lighter) I might be able to get him there.) Now that would be a good start. Madly keen fisherman, and mad as a hatter, falls over after a beer..

    Oh yes and except for fly rods which I won't share I've got boat tackle enough to fit two boats.

    So it's a case of get here, and bring your very small bag with clothes, towel and toiletries. Large bag of fly tackle and many rods, rock shoes and stripping baskets (which I might be able to secure a few of locally from the grocer) and lastly Malaria tablets.

    And if you really wanted to why not fly the family over to join up with you afterwards and visit a bit in SA.

    That's it, and we could be fishing in paradise for a week or so.

    Think about it, give me month or so to break it in slowly, gotta see how the new baby interrupts us at first, then I'm all in.


    So How many of you are actually remotely interested in buying a ticket and getting to SA for a week's excellent big game fly fishing and conventional saltwater deepblue boat fishing

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    Re: Species on Fly

    have never fly fishd before.
    but looking forward to learn and get into it!
    ill get back to ya!

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Hey Catchy_fishy
    I have just started fly fishing and have caught Bream, Flathead and Whiting so far

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    Re: Species on Fly

    ok my list
    G T's
    golder trevalies
    queen fish
    big mullet
    milk fish

    all these fish i caught up in darwin on my custom made compiset developement 10 wt blank and 10 - 11 wt systems 2 real that got stollen
    that was 8 years ago and i still miss it, havent had a fly rod since. the big 8-9 kg milkys are the biggest rush i have ever had , lets just say you need at least 600 m of backing witch i had and i still got spooled
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Jees after all those species (very impressive Leeanne), couldn't believe no-one listed a regular ole Snapper ... I got 4 on a chartreuse clouser on Sat on Hutchies shoal.

    Just to make the experience I even had two bait fisherdudes on board ... who were catching naff all. #They were getting really irritated ...

    The really funny part here, is that the first one of these I caught, I wasn't even hanging onto the rod. #I had to jump quick to stop my Sage 8wt disappearing overboard! #Then just to be completely obnoxious and prove it wasn't a coincidence, I did it again. #Cast the fly out let it swing around in the current while it sank into the berley stream and then put the rod down. #Count to 20 and bang - fish on!

    I haven't laughed that hard in years ... poor bait dudes ... #

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Well done.


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