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Thread: Species on Fly

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    Species on Fly

    What species have you caught on fly.?.....Oh no here goes another fish naming research project:

    I specifically try catch trevallys from the shore (before I bought my boat) but when the tide is wrong for access points I chase species. I'm interested in hearing your species list.

    Did I read write somewhere on Ausfish that at certain places you can catch mac Tuna from the shore ? - What a pleasure !!

    Here's my fly caught list

    1. Couta (King mackeral / Spaniard I believe)
    2. Dorado (Dolphin fish)
    3. Shad (Bluefish / greenbacks I think)
    4. Giant Ignobolis Kingfish (GT) Caranx Species
    5. Other Caranx / Trevally - Bluefin, yellow tail,
    6. Queen fish
    7. Salad fish
    8. Wave Garrick
    9. Wolf Herring
    10. Garrick
    11. Moonfish
    12. Blacktail
    13. Rock Cod
    14. Bonito (east coast little tuna)
    15. kawa Kawa (MAc Tuna)
    16. Garfish (Needlefish)
    17. And a few different types - unidentified - caught in large tidal rock pools hugging the coast around mozambique
    18. Sand Gurnard - - the barbel of the ocean - ugliest fish after a stone fish that you'll find
    - never sure why I own up to that one.

    Good memories nonetheless of each of the fish

    Catchy Fishy

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    Re: Species on Fly

    I'm confused, why so few (zero responses) it's not critical though - Ausfish members have helped me out in many areas already. Should I change the question - have you caught >5 >10 or > 15 species on fly ?

    I suppose my hidden agenda is I'm trying to find all the ammo i can to convince the minister of finance I need to get to Aus to do some fishing for species I will never catch in SA.

    Really interested in any answers here - if you're up to it


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    Re: Species on Fly

    Not too sure why fly fishers are not more active in this section. Their are a few guys around who have parted with a wealth of information in the past. To those, thank you from my side. I tend not to respond to too many of the postings

    - I am still learning
    - I do not want to sound like and idiot
    - There are those who are easily offended, which results in postings way of the original thread when the original poster made a seamingly innocent comment

    Regardless of all that, and I have a couple of minutes spare to type this up. (So please, pardon the spelling because I do not run spell checker on this.)

    I have tried for sailfish, and failed dismally
    The same goes for yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna, spanish mackarel, dorado, kobia, reef sharks and mullet.

    I have landed spangled emperor, rock cod, barracuda, garfish, half beaks.

    Not an overly impressive list, but the best fight to date was by a mullet that I lost abouth 30 seconds into the fight. That thing pulled like a freight train for the size it was.

    Still working on my plans for a trip to Mozambique somewhere in August or September. Any idea what the weather would be like then?


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    Re: Species on Fly


    that list is pretty comprehensive

    dont really think you have an arguement for that trip...considering that list is probably better than most saltwater swoffers down here.

    add a few of the freshwater species like saratoga, sotties and impoundment barra...and youve probably done more than most.

    you have to remember that Aus is a big place..and species can be fairly confined to areas...yes youll get your offshore game fish in a bigger area...but coastal species will be temperature confined.

    but having said all that....MOST fish can be taken on the maybe you'd be better thinking what you WANT to catch..rather than asking for a list.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    I agree the fly chatboards are seemingly slow - pity, there's a lot of good knowledge out there - maybe I'll start a topic that will keep the activity going, rather than mentioning my species list.

    I hope I haven't bored anyone withy my postings - not intended.

    Wessel - Mullet ?? As in the afrikaans "HARDER" - I would never have guessed they gave a good fight.

    Mozambique in Aug / Sep - depends how far north you go, I have knowledge 1/2 way up - say up to inhambane, but I'm not too good after that, so my refernce talks up to Inhambane.

    Highe rup the waters to get warmer, and things could be different. I'll ask around with some fishing mates and see what info I can get.

    Sadly I can't even offer to join you, as I'm adding to my boat crew in August, and with a new child a fishing trip will be out of the question.

    I'd love to meet up over a beer however.

    August is still winter in Moz - so you should be thinking winter fish, and the malaria is less risky then:
    Shore based Fly
    - Big GT's come in during winter, but few small - medium sized ones
    - Grunter on the sand banks
    - Queen fish
    Salad Fish
    Shad - thick
    Smaller wave garrick

    Boat based - Any style
    Couta (Spaniard)
    Garrick on bacline
    Queen Mackeral (Natal: Daga Salmon)

    I have heard that you can get big Dolphin (Dorado) bulls 20kg + in Winter months - in SA too, but generally the dorado go in search of warmer waters

    Up north in Winter you should get sailfish, dorado, marlin, wahoo, barracuda

    I was just South of Inhambane in Sep 2005, and we had a bad trip - no fish in four days, the boat comp before we arrived 917 boats, got nothing in 5 days) - but the weather had been shocking

    I hope this doesn't happen to you - it's the luck of the draw I suppose:

    See these sites:

    Fly in to Johannesburg, take a link flight to Inhambane, and get a pickup from either lodge, not sure about Zavora - but I know you can do this with Guinjata.

    If you are going to have your own vehicle, bring a GPS and I'll get you points for good King Fish (trevally) spots from shore -Kings Pool, amongst others.

    If you're thinking of hiring - my landrover could be available PM me, and we can discuss


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    Re: Species on Fly

    Hi Guys, I'm have been swoffing for a few years now but still consider myself a novice. I have managed to catch barra, cod, grunter, tarpon, flathead, bass, sooties, saratoga, a few types of trevally, butterfish, coral trout, sicklefish, stripies, moses perch, yellowfin bream, queenfish & pike so far. I live a Gladstone and haven't gone too far afield to get these. I only have 8 weight gear and have been tying flies for a couple of years. I really enjoy the tying and the fishing (tennis elbow not withstanding) and hope to see more folk get involved. Not blowing my trumpet, just passing on the info requested.
    #Thanks, Ray

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    Re: Species on Fly


    Waggy that makes my day - suddenly there are 15 new fish I could catch - Hee Hee wait till I tell my wife.



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    Re: Species on Fly

    Species, all up about 70, lost count when I lived in the NT. But thats over 35 years of swoffing.
    Cheers MaxG.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    have just started fly fishing and well have caught afew eel tailed catfish and a few murry cod, noone really flyfishes around here that i know of but i went to closeys up near beenleigh and caught a fewsilver perch and sooty grunter and barcoo grunter, it was great fun for learning and i want to catch some more species now. cheers bdowdy

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Living in Darwin for ten years lets you catch a fair range of species, these are the ones I have caught so far, barra, saratoga, tarpon, catfish forktail, sleepy cod, sooty grunter, pikey bream, golden snapper (fingermark), javerlin fish (grunter), thredfin salmon, blue salmon, beach salmon, spanish mackrel, school mackrel, grey mackrel, giant trevally, bludger trevally, big eye trevally, golden trevally, tea-leaf trevally, longtail tuna, mackrel tuna, giant herring, wolf herring, coral trout, black tip reef shark, queenfish, milkfish, diamond scale mullet, brown sweetlip (bluber lip bream), slatey bream (blackall), estary cod ( both gold and black spot), flathead, pike and a stone fish. Was quite suprised at what I have caught in the 10 years I have been useing the long wand.
    Cheers Ian

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    Re: Species on Fly


    Sadly the only species that I have caught on fly are brown and rainbow trout. #
    These were all caught back in South Africa in the Drakensberg Mountains.
    Since Living in Australia I have done no fly fishing on any kind which is really sad.
    I have to get some saltwater gear sometime when I get some more money and a boat, which will be a long time coming.

    Wish I could catch fish on fly again as I feel that it is the most exciting and challenging form of fishing. For now i just have continue fishing with SP's.


    P.S. The Sand Gurnard you mention I think is the same as a flathead here in Oz.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    Quote Originally Posted by Craigus

    Since Living in Australia I have done no fly fishing on any kind which is really sad.
    I have to get some saltwater gear sometime when I get some more money and a boat, which will be a long time coming.

    Wish I could catch fish on fly again as I feel that it is the most exciting and challenging form of fishing. For now i just have continue fishing with SP's.
    Have you got a 6/7 weight outfit ?, even a 5wt ? They've got to be looked after a bit better after salt use, but the fishing is still good on the light tackle. One of the early mistakes I made was thinking that saltwater fishing meant throwing palm sized flies.

    Not true.

    The smallest flies still cathc some of the biggest fish. Imagine your average San Juan on a size 10, or a wooly bugger size 6 and you can catch some excellent fish - focus mostly on those that chase crustaceans and you won't need a boat or a 10wt+ outfit.


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    Re: Species on Fly

    Well I use a 7/8 and wade the flats using polaroids for spotting.

    Only 'bad' incident I have had was fighting a large trevelly on the flats near the Hornibrook Bridge when one interested spectator said I was taking too long, grabbed the rod to show me how and it broke. How I long for that Killwell again.

    I think he is still running, could have dropped his wallet or offered to pay for the rod.

    I think the most interesting fish of many I have caught on fly was a Stargazer in the Pumicstone Passage. Never saw him, was flicking the fly back up to do a cast when he exploded onto it from almost under my feet. Nice 7 pound fish.

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    Re: Species on Fly

    hey my name is Agnes am from Kenya and I see you have an interest in fishing I have a great passsion for the same and as a result I started a fishing flies company. would I send you some of my samples then we may do business with you. My email address is

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    Re: Species on Fly

    I have answered you via e-mail. Please chack your mail.

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