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Thread: Abel reels

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    Abel reels

    Just about to get lost in a new addiction!! #Fly fishing!!
    I have purchased 2 new Loomis rods, a 12wght crosscurrent and a 10 wght crosscurrant.
    and am now looking for a suitable reel.
    I have been recommended the Abel combo with a 10wght and a 12wght game spool so I should get away with 1 reel for both rods.
    Opinions are that it has a large quality cork drag, one peice frame etc. Anyone had one of these? any advise or other quality options would be appreciated.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: Abel reels

    You had me there for a moment......
    Thought you were offering some cheap abels through your shop

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    Re: Abel reels

    Sea Jay
    I don't think there is any such thing as a "cheap" Abel
    Have you had much to do with them??


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    Re: Abel reels

    Nah. i'm just a learner with a old Shakespear

    Some one will be along soon with a bit of experience (Duckbill?)

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    Re: Abel reels

    Hey tony,

    abels are top shelf - price and quality!!most of the reels in that line class will have one piece machined alloy frames and decent drags. most of the USA made reels are good -Ross, Penn, Bauer etc #also sa system2, and Fenwick for cheaper reels -although judging by what youve bought so far price aint too much of a worry!! lucky u! - Yep go the Able


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    Re: Abel reels

    Thanks Cam!!
    Sounds like the go, although expensive, it gives me 2 reels for the price of 1 and buying 2 quality reels would cost a fair bit more. I will be chasing some fairly solid beasties with these 2 setups and don't want any gear failures when I hook up.


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    Re: Abel reels

    I agree Abels are pretty hard to beat especially for pelagics, another reel in the same catagory in my opinion would have to be the syncrotech 11,12,13 reel this is a loomis product and also of the highest quality, just my two cents
    also look at tibor reels in particular the gulfstream this would also suit your needs.
    what sort of fishing are you planning on doing with it?

    Federation of Fly Fishers
    International Certified Casting Instructor
    Sunshine Coast Fly Fishers

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    Re: Abel reels

    G,day Flyfisho!
    Thanks for the reply I looked at the synchrotec, but prefer the idea of being able to use the one reel for both set-ups. The 9 weight (I think I said 10 weight at the start of my post) will be used for barra, jacks, queenies and toga and the 12 weight for pelagics, small blacks, longtails,spanish etc. I now have one ordered from the states, should be here next week.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: Abel reels


    I'm just about the biggest fan of Abel reels.

    Which reels are you looking at? Super 10 (S10) and Big Game 4 (BG4) combo?

    I would recommend the S9/BG4N(Narrow) combo over the S10/BG4 combo.

    The S9/BG4N has a larger diameter spool and narrower width spool. If you are chasing fish that run a long way, you should consider the S11. The S9 & S11 are basically the same reel, but the S9 has a larger arbor.

    Check out the Abel web site for the specs.

    Family Album
    Top row, Left-Right - S11, BG4N, S12, S13. Front row - S2, S5, S6, BG3N, S8.

    Forget the Syncrotech. I had a 10-12, it is too flimsy. The spool flexes. I've since sold it. I've sold all my flyreels (Tibors, Fin-nors, Scientific Angler, Ross Reels) and only own Abels now.

    If you know where to shop, you can find some at more affordable prices. Camo reels are rarer and command a premium.

    Abel reels are the best.


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    Re: Abel reels

    Boy Wesley - u must really know where to shop - thats some collection!!!

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    Re: Abel reels

    G,day Wes!!
    Yeah mate, I have ordered the super 10 with#4 bg spool combo kit. I will call this morning and see if it's not too late to look at your suggestion, you obviously know your Abels!! You have definately made me more confident about my choice Thats an amazing collection!
    Do you get your reels from the states or local dealers? My wife asked if you are divorced yet I think mine is preparing her case as we speak, [smiley=rifle.gif] and thats just one!and a couple of rods to go with it! (not really, she loves me [smiley=iloveyou.gif])

    Thanks for the reply Wes, I will let you know how I go.


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    Re: Abel reels


    The S10/BG4 combo will do the job. No doubt about that.

    It's my least favourite Abel size though. The diameter is 3.9 inches compared to the 4.125 for S9/S11/BG4N. Large Diameter and narrow width spool is the way to go.

    Large Diameter is the way to go when you have to do a lot of cranking. The S11 on my 11 weight GLX Crosscurrent is my favourite outfit for Longtails. I'm going to try the S13 on the 11 weight.

    I've built my collection over a few years. Most are 2nd hand.

    These reels are works of art, hand-painted and no two are the same. I expect to pass them on to my kids.

    Attached image. Mac Tuna on Super 2 and GLX Max Line Speed 5 weight.


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    Re: Abel reels

    hi Wes,

    Well done mate u must be the ultimate bargain hunter - good on u!!

    Im totally envious!!

    Did u get the tuna on a 5 weight outfit Wes??!! thats amazing!!

    cheers Cam

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    Re: Abel reels


    I've landed a handful of Mac Tuna and 1 Longtail on the GLX Max Line Speed 5 weight. This rod is a canon. I use a 7 weight SA Striper IV flyline, which I've cut back to 80 feet to fit more backing on the reels.

    Mac Tuna & Big Game Pt.5 - My only black reel.

    Longtail Tuna & Super 5

    I'm keen to tackle a Longtail on the S2 & BG Pt.5


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    Re: Abel reels

    Wes, you must be one of the most passionate Mack tuna fly fishermen I've ever met Let me know when Sherman needs a spot filled.

    C'ya on the water,

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