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Thread: Abel reels

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    Re: Abel reels

    Hi Tony,

    Appears you are purchasing the "high end" fly gear, Loomis was a good choice BTW,

    May I suggest a Mako reel, do a google and you will find easy

    Abel are great reels and do have some "bling" but IMHO, the Mako technology and drags are a lot better

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    Re: Abel reels

    Abel and Tibor are OK reels. They are very old technology though and have been superseded by more innovative manufacturers like Nautilus. The only real ‘innovation’ that Abel have come out with in the last few years is the ability to have your reel painted in a lurid paint scheme. Some people like this but I personally do not. They also charge a hell of a lot of money for them, but seem to spend a small fortune on advertising. I suspect the cost of the reel is directly related to the marketing budget.

    Also, not so sure about the ‘two size of spool’ feature. I find that I usually have more than one rod set up when I am out on the flats etc. You need to be able to switch between them at very short notice. This is not possible if you have to swap reel frames around before using a rod…..

    Finally, I have mates in the trade who work for one of the UKs largest fly fishing retailers. They advise that they get a lot of people returning Abels with problems. Not sure how true this is, but it would be a bit disappointing if you had travelled a long way to go fishing and then, for example, the drag on your reel broke and you only had one reel chassis. Single point of failure and all that……

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    Re: Abel reels guys could make a living bringing dead people back to life, this thread has been 6 foot under for a long time now....


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    Re: Abel reels

    Resurrection ....................

    I have been fishing Abels for over 10 years & caught most of the serious line burners out there - Never been let down by an Abel

    No other fly reel looks as good - Scotto
    So Many Fish - So little time !

    I Proudly support the following companies: Shimano, G.Loomis, The Haines Group, Scientific Anglers, Abel Reels, Lowrance

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    Re: Abel reels

    Resurrection ..................Cont.. Thats a nice collection of Abels there scott......

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