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Thread: Abel reels

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    Re: Abel reels

    Well done Wes,

    god it takes me long enought to get macs that size in on my 8 weight - what kg tippet u using? i normally fish 6 kg

    cheers Cam

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    Re: Abel reels

    Now that is a collection that will travel as handluggage

    Nice job on the Macks.


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    Re: Abel reels

    Oh Wes, you are the vermin guru

    We are not worthy

    As far as camo abels are concerned, I wouldn't touch them with a 20' barge pole, you can catch some weird diseases from them and end up loving mactuna to the point of kissing them

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    Re: Abel reels

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    Wes, you must be one of the most passionate Mack tuna fly fishermen I've ever met # #Let me know when Sherman needs a spot filled. #

    C'ya on the water,
    tell us how you get all those mack tuna wes....please

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    Re: Abel reels

    First Mack tuna,what next FRIGATES

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    Re: Abel reels


    You must be confusing me with Duckbill - The Frigate Fornicator # .

    I've caught a Longtail with most of my Abels.

    Super 13

    Super 12

    Big Game 4 Narrow

    Super 11 - a favourite

    Super 8

    Big Game 3 Narrow

    Super 6

    Super 5

    Just need to find a few Longtails to blood the BG Pt.5 and S2.


    I know you own your very own Camo Abel.

    Here you are using my "Precious, Precious" Super 11


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    Re: Abel reels

    You still berleying them up with Baked Beans I see.. You'll have to show me that baked bean fly again.


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    Re: Abel reels

    Bluntly over priced, you get the same value, good manufacture, like USA, sealed cork drag and LA spool, with a Nautilus, at a lot less money.
    Have a chat to Chris at Fly World.
    The fancy camo finish on reels is nothing to do with fly fishing or the the performance, it's just another costly gimmick.


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    Re: Abel reels

    Just to prove you don't need fancy reels and rods to catch fish try this.

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    Re: Abel reels

    you get hold of some of my brothers attempt at rum mate, up at 1.52am putting up dodgy pictures??? can you send some over, will pm my address for you... cheers

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    Re: Abel reels

    Good choice going with the Abel. I don't own one, but they are very awesome reels.
    Tibors are everybodies favorites down here in Florida, USA. They are also fantastic reels. Not really sure about their availability in Australia, but they may be something for you guys to consider in the future. I own a Ross reel & a Van Staal, which are also top notch. With the Van Staal you can purchase another another large spool, so you potentially have 2 reels for the price of one really great one. Nice option eh.


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    Re: Abel reels

    check this one out hardy angel

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    Re: Abel reels

    close up

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    Re: Abel reels


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    Re: Abel reels

    Tony,i was reading one of your old posts re a transducer for a humminbird 100 series.I need a new one.Can you tell me where to get one at the right price
    Regards Kev.

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