Bribie Island Aquaculture Research Centre (BIARC) and Southern Fisheries Centre (SFC) have been successful in obtaining a small internal DPI grant ($20,000) for pilot work on jungle perch. This money will be used to:
·determine the past distribution of jungle perch from historical records
·locate remaining remnant populations of jungle perch in SEQ
·collect genetic samples
·collect brood-stock, and
·start developing methods for breeding jungle perch.
Bribie Island currently hold 14 broodstock. Dr Abigail Elizur and Dr Adrian Collins will work on captive breeding of jungle perch, whilst Dr Michael Hutchison and Mr Bob Simpson will work on the past distributions and locating existing wild populations.

It is hoped this preliminary work will improve the chances of getting funding from the Commonwealth Government for a much bigger project that will breed jungle perch for stocking trials in some SEQ impoundments. It is also proposed to apply to the Commonwealth for funds for a recovery program for jungle perch, which will aim to restore jungle perch populations to SEQ rivers. Evidence collected from this pilot project (historical information, existence of remnant populations, development of breeding technology and genetic data) will all help improve the chances of success in obtaining further funding.

We need your help with the pilot project - your help will benefit jungle perch fisheries in SEQ
·If you have caught any jungle perch in SEQ, anywhere from Rockhampton/Yeppoon south to the NSW border, please contact Michael Hutchison.
·Michael would like to visit possible sites to confirm the continued presence of jungle perch, take some genetic samples (fin clips) and in some cases collect brood stock for breeding trials
·Michael would also like access to fishing club catch records etc in an effort to track down past records of jungle perch in SEQ. He has already obtained records from the Queensland Museum that confirm the presence of jungle perch in the Moreton Bay area in the 1920s.
Please send information on jungle perch to:
Michael Hutchison
Southern Fisheries Centre
PO Box 76
Deception Bay Qld 4508
Telephone: 3817 9540 Fax: 3817 9555

The FRDC jungle perch proposal (developing stocked fisheries) has received an A rating from QFIRAC (Qld Fishing Industry Research Advisory Committee). This is the first hurdle. It must now progress through two further rounds of scrutiny at a state and commonwealth level. I hope it will succeed, as FFSAQ has rated developing jungle perch fisheries as its number one priority.
Michael Hutchison