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    SIP'S money allocation


    Could you clarify for me if you know for sure the exact split up of the sips money. ??? #I was led to believe that the majority of the money was done by the surface area of each impoundment and the remaining monies were done as percentages as per what was selected by the nomination tick the box forms. #i think this means that some of the very large dams which get very few votes get more money than dams with small surface areas and lots of votes.

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    Re: SIP'S money allocation

    Hi Simon,
    The breakdown of the available funds after admin costs was:
    -70% allocated by surface area to a maximum of 5000 hectares. So where Wivenhoe is over 10 000 ha, it is deemed to be only 5000 ha.
    -5% base allocation where 5% is divided equally amoung all participating lakes/dams.
    -20% on preferences. These are an option ticked on the back of your SIP application form. Only 65% in the first 7 months ticked any. Some ticked all. None ticked & all ticked will be the same.

    The reason for the poll was to guage some public oppinion. Of all the stocking groups on the scheme, only one is unhappy about the money they recieved, the rest are ecstatic.

    Note that the Minister had a moratorium on needing a SIP (this has now been lifted) & only a partial year for the first time round. There will be a whole lot more funds after a full year with 100% compliance.


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