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Thread: Eungella Barra

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    Eungella Barra

    Hi all,

    Mackay Area Fish Assn has just released 10000 baby Barra into Eungella Dam 22/12/01. If the bastard netters leave em alone >, this time next year we should start to get a few. The Sooties are the mainstay at the moment with quality fish around the mid 400s to the pleasant surprise of some to the low 500s hitting most lures and flys early morn and into the evening .

    Teemburra Dam is fishing well for Barra at present with catches of six to a dozen per session the norm. These fish are not quite 2 yrs old yet and sizes range from low 400s upto the occasional 700. The Sooties here are up around 430mm and round this fishery out really well.

    To all a merry Xmas, cheers Neil C.

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Gday Neil,
    will be stopping at Eungalla on the way up to Cairns next year as we do every time on the way up. Eungalla sure is a beautiful place and normally only stopover for the night for the views,the flora and the fauna but never fished there. Can you give me any more info on the Dam or spots where I can read up on it?
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Hi Luke,

    We have had most of our success casting lures to the standing timber towards the back of the lake. Spinnerbaits have been good but most minnows will work, as well as rattling spot type lures as well. A boat is an advantage. Don't go charging around making heaps of noise as this will put the fish off. Drifting with the wind or using an electric outboard will always work to your advantage. Fishing off the bank can be hit or miss because of the weed margins so look for the rocky points past the caretakers place. Fly fishing does work here but expect to get blown away more times than not . Top fun all the same.

    It does not seem to matter what time of year as we get fish most of the time. Spring or Autumn are the most comfortable times. The camping fees are $3.85 a head at the moment with an honesty box at the toilet block. Last but not least don't forget to obtain your Stocked Impoundment Permit.
    Happy fishn Neil C.

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Thanks Neil,
    I'm looking forward to getting up there. I'll keep those tips on tackle and spots in mind and be sure to get some use out of them next year. Happy New Years mate.
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Sounds very nice, will have to file that spot away for Long Service Leave!

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    DON'T FORGET TEEMBURRA its closer (30 mins) to mackay and you drive right by it on your way to Eungella, you don't have to pull your boat over kilometers of corrugated dirt road, you've got a better chance of catching a barra if thats what you want , although the Sooties aren't as big here either. And because of the HP restrictions ( I think its upto 25 or 30 hp) there shouldn't be any water skiers. Although you can't camp at the dam if you time it right you could get a morning session in on your way to Eungella.



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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Thanks Simon,
    there is always only so much you can do in 3 weeks and I hadn't even thought of it but will now have a look at Teemburra that you have pointed it out. Will actually be checking out a lot of impoundments on the trip so the more info I get on these places the better I know which ones to look at. Thanks
    cheers Luke

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Teemburra is certainly the pick at the moment. The road to Eungella Dam is very rough at present. It doesn't stop the skiers however, there was heaps there last weekend.

    The brother-in-law and I fished Teemburra this afternoon and had a ball. The Sooties are in real good condition and between us we caught 11 Barra to 71cm and 3 Sooties 40cm. There was plenty of follows, nudges and jump offs to keep it interesting.

    Like you mentioned Simon it is closer than Eungella and bitumen road the entire way. It should take about 40mins from Mackay. If you need anymore info just let me know and I will see what I can dig up.

    Neil C.

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    how do you compare eungella and teemburra as I have a 40hp teemburra is a problem but does eungella fish well and tips would be good

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    Re: Eungella Barra

    Howdy Krazyfisher

    If stud Sooties are your aim then Eungella would be the spot. For info on this dam then I would go with what I posted up the list a bit.

    Teemburra is a relatively new fishery that is getting better all the time. The advantage of a burgeoning Barra hotspot is the big difference between the two. However given another year or so the Sooty fishing here will probably rival Eungella. Just the other week we found the remains of a 6in gill net up at Eungella which doesn't go down to well and we hope won't happen in Teemburra.

    There is the HP restiction that is in place at Teemburra, 25hp and less, which resticts some but makes for a nicer environment to fish in. This issue is being looked into so that there might be a speed limit instead of the current restictions.

    Might I suggest joining Mackay Area Fish Stocking Assn. as you will get a much clearer insight into what can and will be achieved in these dams. As well as meeting those who can point you in the right direction. It worked for me. We have our meetings every third Thursday at 7.30pm in the Pioneer Shire Council Chambers. Wood St.


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    Re: Eungella Barra

    thanks for that I will try to get along to it thurs not good for me but any thing for fishing might just have to get an elect.

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