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    just a question

    this link # #says they are stoking the dam with sea mullet. #are these the same sea mullet that are found in the sea?
    if so, if i get a small mullet from the ocean, can i put it in fresh water and expect it to live.?

    do i have to put in salt water and slowly drip the fresh water in until is completely fresh?

    if i take it from fresh and put it strait into salt will it die? ie on a hook.

    i have been thinking of raising some for bait and if i can do it in fresh it would be a lot easier.

    sorry about the quiz but it will save me a heap of time and testing


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    Re: just a question

    Mick, I haven't had experience with mullet but I have with Butter Bream. I found over the 12 months that they looked healthier and grew faster in saltwater. I know they come to fresh/brackish water to breed but I think they would last a lot longer and be much healthier in salt or brackish water. Having said that I have never seen any live adults in freshwater, usually in estuaries of reasonably high salinity. BUT I have seen many mullet in freshwater lagoons the same mullet (Mugil cephalus) that turn up in rivers etc.. I reckon if you get them young and give them as much protein as possible ( small crustaceans, fish food, insects) they should grow and survive reasonably well. Get yourself a stocking and some wire to strain small daphnia etc from the creek.
    This is just my opinion but I reckon you're on a winner and if they do survive you'll be pullin the fish in too !
    With regard to the water change...I'd go with the gradual water exchange, try to slowly introduce the freshwater into the salt but make sue you have plenty of aeration. I've heard of Spangled perch used for livies in saltwater and be thrown back in the tank cos they didn't catch a fish first time 'round. They survived a further two trips ! I'd reckon mullet would do as well or better.
    I hope this is of some help.

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