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Thread: decals for rods

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    decals for rods

    How do you go about organising or making decals for a rod thats being built?

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    Re: decals for rods

    Get in touch with Agnes Jack.

    Agnes Water / 1770 Bait & Tackle

    07 4974 9304

    He does customs rods & repairs. Decals included.


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    Re: decals for rods

    Maybe some very small Ausfish stickers.

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    Re: decals for rods

    I wanted to put the blank type and line class on, also a unique name as well. Might have to get a paint pen of some type instead and some one with good hand writing to use it.

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    Re: decals for rods

    Yeah he does custom decals with exactly what you want written in any colour and style with graphics as well.

    He did my last rod rebuild with a customised decal, if the photos had worked I would post them for you to see.


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    Re: decals for rods

    Cheers Mate,
    All good, I just called Tony.

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    Re: decals for rods

    ring a printing company and they should be able to print what ever you want even in clear badges so you can put it uner your clear topping on the blanks

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    Re: decals for rods

    Advantage of having a daughter who owns a printing shop!!
    Talk to Steve (Ausfish) if you want ausfish graphics.

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: decals for rods

    Call Danny,Does photos fish, anything. Lives at Wynum 0438012629.Tell him Graham gave you the number. We met at the rod building weekend Shayned. Graham

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    Re: decals for rods

    so that is where you got them from graham. by the way thanks again for mine it looks great on the rod cheers ian

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    Re: decals for rods

    Thanks for the replies, I'm currently annoying Tony. I'm hoping to get the writing done clear with the background a solid black and then affix over the butt wrap to show up bits of the metallic thread. Probably going overboard though but it's for the little bloke and hopefully one day down the track it will mean something to him.

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