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Thread: Pacific Comp New Bastek Blanks

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    Pacific Comp New Bastek Blanks

    I have now up on the site the new range of Bastek blanks from Pacific Composites. Those of you familar with the Live Fibre range of Texalium rods will associate with the construction of these blanks. Bastek models are produced using advanced basalt fibre technology combined with aluminium coated fibreglass. They are blended with epoxy resin to produce a distinctive and superior action than can not be achieved with fibreglass alone. The baitcasting models blend uni-directional carbon fibres with aluminium coated fibreglass to produce sensitive and light tip actions while still maintaining a powerful butt section. They are in a stunning metallic electric blue color. This range are some of the nicest blanks I have felt for a while from Pacific composites. I have them assigned to producing some surf models at present. Check them out they are on the front page in new products.



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    Re: Pacific Comp New Bastek Blanks

    Ross, do you have an online or otherwise catalogue with prices for componants??..

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    Re: Pacific Comp New Bastek Blanks

    Ross' website is,


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    Re: Pacific Comp New Bastek Blanks

    They certainly look the goods


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