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Thread: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend  Round UP !

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend  Round UP !

    Hi guys,
    Had a great weekend,many thanks to Greg and Sue for being terrific hosts,to Stuart for his tutoring which was graciously given-not many blokes let you in on there knowledge and experience when it is his livelyhood,to Phil and to Roz for organising a top weekend,and to the bunch of people that attended i hope i have the pleasure of meeting you all again soon.
    Over the course of the weekend i learned a bit about building a fishing rod enough to complete one from start to finish,I am very happy with the results.
    I am also now more aware of the intricasies of fishing rods-thanks stuart.
    Here's some photo's of my effort.

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend Round UP !

    Samarai NV9

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend  Round UP !


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend Round UP !


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    I too, #would like to thank all concerned, #Stu - thanks mate, hope i can remember it all or the pm's will be free flowing, #Roz - well done on pulling it all together and thanks for your advice prior to the day, it was terrific to have met you, hope to do it again soon. #Greg and Sue - thank you for your hospitality, the bbq went off an absolute treat, and the new esky kept the beers at just the right temp. To the rest of the boys, may your newly made rods bend often (but not break #), #thanks for a great couple of days.


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !


    I hope I didnít cause to may headaches with that trim on your rod. Iím glad to see you have knocked it on the head. However I would like to see some close up photos instead of the pics that are around 10ft away, come on mate, letís see. What did you use to coat the rod with i.e. Brush and epoxy?


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend  Round UP !

    Hey Stuart,
    here's a photo of my epoxy attempt,used a 12mm artists brush put 2 coats on a few hours apart and then flamed the epoxy with a butane touch.


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    Phill , Roz & Stuart , keep them going on it so they keep keen .....


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    G'day Mickey7,I'm far from an expert but to me your runners look back to front,could be wrong but Ive never seen them put on that way,is that the way they were intended?

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend  Round UP !

    Hi Banshee,
    intentionally done,the first guide after the reel is fitted with the single leg towards the reel,one of stuarts many rod building tips,reason is that as the line comes away from the reel the line passes through the guide clear of the side frames that would normally be there.Maybe stuart can add-hope my explanation makes sense.


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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    By placing the guide with the single leg forward i.e. single leg of frame facing the reel, it reduces much of the line slap encountered when casting or even dropping a jig down into the depths. Itís not a new concept; I and others have been doing this for many years. Having the guide facing the main stream way, you can expect it to reduce your cast by up to 10mtrs with a spin stick. Micky7, your coating job come up good mate, as long as you got plenty of coating in and around each guide foot.

    Stuart #

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    The rod came up well, all the extra thread colours were worth the extra headaches in the end, hey?
    Mind you I don't think I'd be game to say anything negative to a bloke that keeps his axe as handy as you do, top idea for a rod holder though.

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend Round UP !

    Peeled my binding attempt off. #$%@^Took more time to think about things and colours.

    Even to get started again, took me 15 minutes. #$%@^That's one slippery sucker rod !

    Anyway, after some time, I have completed the underbind. #$%@^The colours do not stand out, but the Green and Silver are metallic. And it appears my digi camera does not like to take close ups ?#$%@^I will try to do the guide tonight, but this has been a good effort for me. #$%@^It is certainly time comsuming, but the end result will be worth it.

    Where are the rest of your efforts so far ?

    For the record, rod is an M10. #$%@^( killwell )

    Cheers #$%@^Phill

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    It's starting to look good mate, what colour are you going to use for the over bind? I'm still experiencing the same problem as well, the initial startng wrap is very hard, when I finally get it to grip, its not exactly where I want it or its not perfectly straight. With my little bloke at home I've actually stopped swearing in the house or at least I had until starting this. That said all the underbinds are done and I've made a start on the runners. Same as you I tried for some photos without much success, I'm going to pull out the manual tonight and find the menu set for macro work and manual focus so I can try again.

    I'm just glad my rod doesn't have 36 runners on it like someone I know.

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    Re: Rod Building Workshop/Weekend #Round UP !

    Thanks to all involved on the weekend.Reuben and I had a great time and learnt heaps. Still havent finished the rods yet, time is a problem.Its great meeting genuine people with the same interests.

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