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Thread: Feather Inlay's

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    Feather Inlay's

    Hi All,

    Did a few feather inlay's a little while ago. Was wondering if anyone has done any.


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    Re: Feather Inlay's

    This one was a split grip rod that my son and I rolled up.

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    Re: Feather Inlay's

    And another, Samuri NV7.

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    Re: Feather Inlay's

    Exposed blank in the reel seat.

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    Re: Feather Inlay's

    Tony they came up nice, not something you see to much of here in OZ however a Mark Fisher (Outback Rods) a builder in Broken Hill uses them on quiet a few of his rods. You seemed to have it covered though, wish my first one was a sucess. Are they the fake jungle cock feathers or the real deal.


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    Re: Feather Inlay's


    The Jungle Cock feathers are real, although these ones were not good quality. I have recently purchased an A grade cape from the US, so I might get round to re-doing the split grip.


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    Re: Feather Inlay's


    Very nice work mate, keep it up.


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