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Thread: Gaps when binding runners

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    Gaps when binding runners

    Hi Guys

    I always seem to have 1 or 2 little gaps in the thread when binding the feet of my runners even with grinding them back a little. Have I not ground them well enough or are there any clues to avoiding this happening. It is only a problem with the thinner diameter thread.

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    Re: Gaps when binding runners

    make sure you've ground/filed back your guide feet enough, should be nice gentle taper. don't be afraid to remove a fair bit of material. bind the guide, don't pay too much attention to any small gaps as you climb up the foot. finish the bind then use something like your epoxy spatula, back of thread clippers or even your fingernail and rub up and down the thread. any gaps will disappear

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    Re: Gaps when binding runners

    Good packing and burnishing will usually fix this problem. You don't want a step in the guide foot that the thread has to climb. Some people grind a lot off their guide feet and some as little as possible, this is up to you and the sort of rod your building, the thing you want is no step.


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    Re: Gaps when binding runners

    Another good burnishing tool is the back of an old spoon.
    The ones you see at flea markets, silver plated brass.
    I have several in 3 or 4 sizes, just cut the spoon itself off and clean up the cut.
    The offcut spoon piece makes godd mixing container for small amounts of resin.
    Hope this helps, but practice will help you more

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