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Thread: New Custom Rod

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    New Custom Rod

    After rebuilding a few of my rods i thought it was time to have a go at building one from scratch.
    You can never have too many rods

    Needed a new outfit for offshore fishing so after asking around i settled on a M 10 blank.I have previously used this rod on charter trips so i know they perform well.
    Spent about 8 hrs making the rod up and am more than happy with the finished product.

    You may think the colours i have used are a bit different but if anyone ever knocks it off it will make it easier to spot in the pawn shops.

    Didn't take any pics during the building but here are a few of the rod finished.

    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: New Custom Rod


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    Re: New Custom Rod


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    Re: New Custom Rod


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    Re: New Custom Rod

    looks good dazza, just need some decent weather to get out and use it!!


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    Re: New Custom Rod

    Not wrong 'bout the weather Kris.
    Wish these northerlies would p$#s off wouldn't mind hitting the banks again.Would be a great spot to blood the new rod.

    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: New Custom Rod

    Hi Dazza,

    Great looking M10, I bet you can't wait to get offshore and blood it now lol.

    Can you advise what you use to coat bindings and decals on the rod ?

    I applied a test decal to an old rod and coated it in 5 minute 2 part epoxy but it set too thick and didn't coat evenly.
    Is this ok to use and if so is there a thinner I could use to make it run lighter when applying ?


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    Re: New Custom Rod


    I use the 2 part epoxy on all my bindings but you really need a rod lathe to keep it turning while the epoxy sets.(about 24 hrs)
    Since i don't have a lathe i apply the epoxy in several very thin coats.
    You can use a hair dryer to heat the epoxy up as you are applying it which enables you to get a thin and even coat wich will also reduce the likleyhood of the epoxy running.
    This is my first attempt at building a rod from scratch although i have rebuilt a few and made plenty of repairs to my other rods.

    Check the threads on the rod building weekend as you may pick up a few tips in there from the guys that do know what they are doing.

    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: New Custom Rod

    Looks good Dazza nuthin like being home built and hooked up. I used one of those square floor fans to turn mine set on slow and taped the rod to the centre of it,worked a treat.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: New Custom Rod

    Yes, dazza, any who knocks that one off will be seen for miles

    Nice work and none better place to test her out than the Banks !

    What reel and line are you going to run on it ?

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    Re: New Custom Rod


    Have put my TLD 25 with 50lb braid on it.
    Cant wait to get out and try it out on something decent.Went out around the bay chasing some speesters on Sat and was hopeing to get a few livies and send one down on it but had to settle with floating a pillie out.Caught a bloody Stripey that was not even as big as the 3 gang 6/0 .

    Cheers Dazza

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