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Thread: Rod Building DVD's

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    Rod Building DVD's


    Just letting you know that I have added 2 new DVD's to the DVD section.

    Custom Rod Building with Doc Ski
    Advanced Weaving Techniques

    Details at --->

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    Re: Rod Building DVD's

    Guys Doc is a personal friend of mine and I can highly recomend them to anyone interested in rodbuilding, the rod building one suits Aussie style of rods, takes it a bit further than Ian Millers one. His weaving one will get you started into the art or weaving.
    Doc is one of California's best rod builders and probably the worlds best colour change weaver. Here is one of his weaves it is for a charity avent coming up in the US 27 hours work. It is a composite picture to take into account the curve of the blank. Sorry about the size of the pic you really can't see the detail of the thread work in this due to the 100kb file size limit. If you want a bigger pic pm me and I will forward it via email.

    104x154 Threads, 9 layers, 16 colors, mostly Madeira 40wt. B Gudebrod Wrap thread. Charity rod Chuck Byron Memorial Tournament Auction proceeds to the Friends of Rollo who help young marine artists. Design taken from a Chuck Byron painting. Double weave with Chucks signature on the back side.


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    Re: Rod Building DVD's

    Amazing stuff Myles.
    Kingfisher Painting Solutions:- Domestic and Commercial.

    For further information, contact details, quotes or advice - Click Here

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    Re: Rod Building DVD's

    G day Myles,it's Ian from Tassie.As you know I,ve ordered Doc's DVDs.Looking forward to thier arrival.Have been playing around with marbling after receiving instructions from Don at the Guild.Some very nice results(some not so nice).My mate Paul (Hooked Up) achieved some very nice finishes using paint tints from our helpful local h'ware's paint tinting machine.Seems to be easier to deal with than tins of hobby paint.A little sure goes a long way.One day I hope to be computer savvy enough to be able to post pictures.Cacth up with you later ,


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    Re: Rod Building DVD's

    I bought it tonight and can't wait to get it

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