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    Fixing eylets on fishin rods

    I have seen home made machines for this .
    Could anyone tell me where i could get one from.

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    Re: Fixing eylets on fishin rods

    Gday Troy
    I made my own using small caster wheels. Don't no where to buy them from,perhaps a post in the rod building board will get you in the right direction.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: Fixing eylets on fishin rods

    I have made mine with a couple of small wheels.

    Have a look here and you will see a few different designs

    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: Fixing eylets on fishin rods

    Hi Troy
    If you are just doing a repair job and not getting into rod building, a couple of pieces of wood with v notches cut in them, will work well for one off repairs. The v pieces need to be fastened to the ends of another piece of timber, about 18ins apart, is eneough.
    Also line the cut outs with felt or something similar so you don't scratch the blank.
    If you get into rod building then go for the rollers.


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