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Thread: old motor

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    old motor

    geven old volvo penta 440 but cant get spark can any one help (out board)
    ??? pop

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    Re: old motor

    Hi pop is it an outboard or a stern drive ??? ??? as far as I know volvo don't make an outboard

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    Re: old motor

    ??? ??? Can't pretend to know much about them, but I thought they only made diesels and not outboards. But you have it and I reckon you know what you see. Will ask a mate and get back with something constructive if I can.

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    Re: old motor

    may be able to help pop...........where are ya ?can try to do this by email if ya like...........its only an engine.........dont let the fact its got volvo on it scare ya

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    Re: old motor

    Pop,primary voltage coming from stator(under flywheel) should be 160-180 volts.Output from cdi unit should be the same,except will be rectified to DC current.Trigger pulser voltages are minimum .3 volt-5 volts. If your stator and trigger voltages are within spec,and your cdi output is satisfactory,you will have a dud secondary coil

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    Re: old motor

    have got a 550 Penta collecting dust in the garage. Wouldn't belive it lost the small bearing out of the carby a whlie back and haven't been able to find the correct size to replace it. Until then it actually went pretty well and was used as a trollong motor for a couple of years. If it helps your'e welcome to it.
    Happy for you to email if you like.

    cheers Gibbo

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