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    New Boat Fit-out

    Am in the process of fitting out a newish boat - 5mtr alloy cuddy cab.
    Need advice on fitting the batteries.
    I just picked up two battery boxes and a isolator switch and mounted them in the rear / transon - out of the way.
    Had a mate get swamped on the Pin bar a few weeks ago and he attributes the inabillity to restart the motor to the fact that the batteries were under water (same location as I have mounted mine).
    I notice that the rescue / Police boats have a starting battery in the bow.
    Some boaties mount their batteries up off the floor - presumedly for the "swamping" reason.
    What do you all reckon on mounting batteries - I will go through the Pin bar very regularly.

    Dave ><>

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Hi Dave,
    Why not get the sealed batteries or are you refering to water shorting out between terminal posts?
    If you mount them up the front they're gonna get a fair bit of boucing/pounding from waves & possibly produce surges etc or stuff em up altogther.

    Give Bruce Hooper @ Ron Glass marine a call on 4151 3664, your new sounder is sitting there.


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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Ideally the best place with normal batteries is where they won't be pounded and up front in small alloy's is sometimes not the best #

    At least above floor level and ideally above bung out conditions but most production boats tend not to float all that well with bungs out #

    If cost is no consideration # then maybe something like Optima's which will keep on keeping on (even upside down) but check the cost out first.

    Cheers, Kerry.

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Just to help out,make sure that your charge system coming from the rectifier is regulated.You should never use anything other than a wet cell battery on systems that are not regulated , and a great percentage are not. It is critical on a non regulated system to constantly check your electrolyte level as the non regulated system constantly creates a built- in over charge, which boils away battery electrolyte,so you dont have much of a choice of battery types suitable.
    Hope this helps
    regards David

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Nugget, Great solution! It's to do with balance and trim. Put 96 kg of Mossy in the bow to hold your batteries whenever you go through the bar. Yeah, I'm Mossy.

    Life is too short!..GO FISHING! Regards, Mossy

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Hey Mossy - sounds like one possible solution!
    I've decided to keep the positon - at the transom but have gone with a sealed battery for starting and a normal N70 marine for the accessories.

    The sealed one will charge ok off the motor but it costs a fortune.
    Might be handy one day thought!

    Thanks for all your advise.

    Dave ><>

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Might be able to help you out on a cheap sealed battery,
    yuasa np65-12 12v, 65 ah, not sure if the're mairine value but have a few spare(all kosher) and your welcome to one. Can drop one off thru Brissie soon, approx 23 kilo.

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Have a look at these especially the Blue top marine versions. The cost may scare some . Actually the troll version is only a new addition since the last time I was looking at them.

    Cheers, Kerry.

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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    Sorry it has taken so long to note. If water shorting between the terminals is the key concern, you could secure the battery in a water tight conatiner. There is a catch, whether you are using SLAB or lead acid the battery box will need to be vented. You can achieve this by running a small hose, sealed into the box with silastic(neutral cure is best) and run the hose to an obscure high point on the boat. You will also need to access the battery for routine maintenance.
    If the loss of acid is the concern SLAB batteries are the way to go. Prefer the Delkoor marine ones myself.
    Have a setup similar to this on my boat and it workd ok. However would note that it hasn't been swamped, (yet).


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    Re: New Boat Fit-out

    I'd still have the batteries, down the rear of the boat, where they recieve the least amount of stress. Firstly, make sure you have them in a battery box, secondly, make sure you keep the terminals well greased up, this will not only stop corrossion, but also will give you a water barrier if happen to get swamped.
    Gold Coast

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