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    G'day everyone,
    looking at second hand tinnies around 4m for a bit of inshore but mostly estuary. 4-5 years old for my price tag. I was looking at the Edgetrackers but they seem to go the day they hit the trading post. Also Seajays but not a lot in the post either. Can anyone give me the pros and cons on these two or any suggestions on proven models in that era.
    Cheers Luke

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    Re: Edgetracker

    Hi Luke,
    Looked at Edgetrakers myself last year and found that some of the earlier model hulls cracked. I have two mates that have had them and the sold them after having them repaired. I ended up going with a Quinnie Hornet

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    Re: Edgetracker

    Hey Luke. I have what is called an Edge dingy. That is it has the flat keel / transom and a V at the front like a normal dingy. This works a treat in the bays and close offshore. the Edgetracker is more suited to the estuaries and lakes as they are designed for freshwater, ie:- casting fly's and lures from. The seajay's are supposed to be built a little stronger than most tinnies, therefore are a little dearer and go quicker when listed for sale. try putting wanted add in the Trading Post. Quinnies are a good boat as well. i think you are on the right track with a boat of 5 years of age or less. Tinnies might get a crack in them, but they can be repaired easily. Keep an eye out in the January Issue of Bush "N "Beach for an article about putting a boat together yourself. Don't forget that the most important thing on a boat is the motor, so don't be fooled by a good looking boat with an old motor.
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