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Thread: Need opinions

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    Re: Need opinions

    Hi Christine,

    I am on my third Quinny. and could not be happier. This one is a 4.35 hornet decks and live wells and rod locker and side console. It has been through some rough water in the dams and Open broadwater with no problems. no sign of hulls cracking in any of my boats, i would recomend side console if money allows as it is far safer to handle a boat in a large chop and bad weather than holding a tiller .
    You are more than welcome to try mine if you wish, at B.P. crab Eric and away you go. 50 hp yammy 4 banger is a beaut motor. Quintrex bolted the motor on and it is very hard to make it cavitate unless i have it trimed way up. I can make the boat slide sometimes as well with the trim,if needed.
    Speed well i would like to go faster but only in the comps, keep it back on 5500rpm and the fuel gauge stays fairly well still. Go fo the new hull, the eclipse hull is 80mm wider at bottom and about 110mm wider at the top. As well as the way the bow slowly comes round to the point and i have enough room for the Foxtrot.
    I am a happy quinny owner. No need to go 24volt bowmount either 12 is plenty.55lb.
    Just by the way have you had any prices as yet ? Would be interested to know what they are worth as i might sell mine when 12 months is up.
    Regards tony

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    Re: Need opinions

    HI Guys,

    I've changed tac # I've now deceided on a Stacer 4.75 Nomad. #Haven't actually got prices yet but by pics and specs it looks like it would make a good allround boat.

    With a rear pod and a full height transom and a few extra mm in the depth seems like it would be a safe boat. The bottom of the hull configuration gives it what looks like quiet a stable boat at rest and one that would track well through a sea.

    This is all yet to be seen # I'll have to think about the motor.


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    Re: Need opinions

    Is that one of the hornet style hull copies?

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    Re: Need opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by krazyfisher
    Is that one of the hornet style hull copies?

    No Krazyfisaher it's not the same or a copy.
    It's a pointy nose boat not a punt
    It's simmilar to a 475 Reef Hunter Caprice but instead of a centre console it's got a rear side console.

    If anyone knows anything about these types of boats I'm up for all opinions. The boat is a 475 Stacer Nomad.


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    Re: Need opinions

    Hi Christine,
    Didn't know Stacer have a model called Nomad. Shows how much I know eh?
    I know Sea Jay have a model called Nomad, in 3.9 & 4.2m. See

    Just did a search & found Stacer Nomad info at

    What ever you end up with, take care of it so it can take care of you.


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