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Thread: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

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    surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    hey all

    anyone been on one of these or know people that have?

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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    Have a look in the Back of May 02 modern fishing magazine if youve got it theres an article on erics canoes.


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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    cool thanks.

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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    i dont believe it

    that fish would have towed him all the to china and back before it realised it was even hooked.

    i get nervous in a 18ft boat when a big shark hangs underneath you. as far as i can see the canoe doesn't come with a spare underwear locker, so i'll give it a miss

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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    hahaha. yeah thats what i reckon too. i guess it would be pretty hard to toll anything sideways.

    damn dont get me paranoid about sharks ok. im paranoid enough already. hope they market those electronic shark repeling devices soon

    one of the main resons why i want one is because i can surf abit on it. and maybe also some skin diving. and we all know how chicks love skin divers and surfied

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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    I'm fishing around for a "portable fishing platform" at the moment. From what I've seen, the Shaka range looks to have lots of really good features. But they are not cheap! At $1,800+ you'd want to be getting a lot of use and getting heaps of fish. I've e-mailed the owner and he'll be getting up my way later this year to demo.

    Have a look at How he dragged the Marlin through the surf in the background is the stuff of Solo commercials!

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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    Wait till the spottie season starts down palm beach..there you will see guys in their kyacks / canoes quite a site to watch specially when a black king comes along watched a guy get towed all over the ocean one day but he got it in the end..all 20lb of it ROFLMAO...not to mention the sharks...bloody crazy if you ask me. Come to think of it there was a bit on E.T. fishing like this last weekend ...

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    Re: surfski/kayak/fishing platform!

    stop mentioning sharks

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