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    g'day all
    does anyone know the place to be chasing realy cheap canoes. ive been thinking about grabbing one to sneak up a few rivers and creeks. nothing fancy required, i looked in the trading post but they were all going for $200 and up, i guess i want something even cheaper and nastier. just to stop the sharkys chewing on my arse.

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    Re: canoes

    hi have you had any luck with a canoe yet

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    Re: canoes

    Mate if you actually want to float you are going to need to spend more than that.

    Canoes are tremendous estuary and still water fishing platforms. they have surprising cargo capacity but most of all they let you sneak up on the fish.

    If you can get yourself a half decent second hand for around $200 you should seriously consider it. The fish you get will be worth it.


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