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Thread: Boat advice required!!

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    Boat advice required!!

    Hey fellas,

    Im 15 yrs old and I wanna but a small dinghy without a motor. I would just like it to be 7ft long and stable enoguh to cast a rod from. The other half of me says that I should save for a proper dinghy, but then I would have to buy a trailer as well. How much are trailers?? Which option do you think is better? What do you think my chances of being able to get a dinghy with no motor for a reasonable price may be??

    Please give me some advice!!
    Thanx, White Hunter

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    Re: Boat advice required!!

    Don't necessarily need a trailer. There are plenty of 10 foot car toppers around.


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    Re: Boat advice required!!


    Where are you from? When I was half your age, I used to take a kayak down to the local river to fish.

    If you are going for a trailerboat, you are talking about lots of $$ and someone to tow it for you. If you have someone to drag it (and you) to and from the water, I suggest you need to work with them to get a shared goal.

    In my mind, unless travelling over 4wd country, a tinny right way up on a trailer is heaps easier to use than one on the roof, with the motor and all the gear in the vehicle.

    But, where are you fishing, and what for? It may be that something you can get to the water will free you from relying on a licensed car driver, and allow you to fish when and where suits you (up to a point :-) )

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    Re: Boat advice required!!

    White Hunter ,
    I would advise you to keep an Eye on the trading post for around a ten foot alloy tinny . This will be big enough for you and a mate to fish a local creek or smooth water .
    Be sure to have a look at a few before you make a purchase .
    Later on a trailer for a tinny this size would not cost that much,and it would still be light enough to tow with a bike on a trailer suited to do so .(as long as there are not to many hills and the water is close by)
    And for the time being could be carted on the roof of the average family car with a roof rack and tie downs .
    I hope this can shed some light for you Cheers Reel

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    trailer behind bike

    At 14 i used to tow an 8 foot dinghie with a little alloy trailer behind my racing bike.
    i made the trailer myself and it had 20 inch bike wheels on it.
    it was easy to tow ( about 5 ks ) and just layed on its side beside the bike and chained to the telegraph pole at the water.
    if you cant get alloy welded just use tube steel but it will be heavier.
    if you want any ideas just email me and i'll answer anything i can .

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    Re: Boat advice required!!

    Check out some of the plastic type boats .Rotomould type. Nylex plastics also make them. Most good Camping/Outdoor stores carry these type or can point you in the right direction.
    I still use a canadian canoe once and while myself
    Try a web search for Foldaboat.
    ( or see links at

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