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    16ft cat or 18 mono

    after I sell my boat I will be getting another and these are the two I am looking at 18ft mono cuddy or 16ft cuddy cat this is due to towing weights any thoughts which would be the better handling boat for seas up to 1.5m chop. any thoughts would be good

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    Be interesting to hear what troy has to say about 5 ft chop

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    I dont know that anyone would be game to say anything .....might start a big debate about cats vs monos
    Id be interested to hear what everyone would consider the safe limits (ie waves/chop) for these size vessels.
    I guess though some peoples definition of 5 foot chop is different to others
    What models/brands of boats are you considering?

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    macmauller serious conditions those 2 foot chops
    need more than a mono or cat.

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    18 foot mono

    more fishing space

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    My 1st choice would be the cat. The 17ft noosa cat I own gives a great ride in short chop up to 1.5m.

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    monos mean more fun! (basserman)

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    If you can afford it go the cat.

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    Re: 16ft cat or 18 mono

    A good deep V fiberglass mono would handle choppy conditions probably just as well as a 16 ft cat. The mono would also have more room and may handle followings seas and bars better due to the extra waterline length and greater bouyancy and manouvorability at low speeds. You don't have the extra expense of twins with the mono, though you might see the security of twin motors as an advantage.

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