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Thread: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

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    Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    I pick up my new boat next week, and I'm more excited than Big Kev on Viagra

    Since I'll hopefully be heading much further afield than the estuary and close inshore work I've been limited to in the tinny, I want to do the right thing and log in/off with VMR or Coast Guard when heading out. I'll also be looking to join a VMR, but not sure where I'll be heading out from mostly yet.

    What I'd like to know is in the SE Qld Area, which ramps are serviced by which VMR and/or CG, and which channels do I use for log in/off and weather reports etc?

    Is there somehwere I can look this stuff up, or some handbook or manual I can buy?

    Also, what's the channel of choice for general Ausfish chat out in the Bay?


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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    I dont know if there is any book as such, But on the GC I log in with the seaway tower which is ran by the Coast Guard. THere is always the VMR at southport .(VMR 414)

    Brissy, I think most log in with Raby Bay, Bribie or Viccy Point.
    I am not too sure of the make up of VMR's and Coast Guard. Going though the south passage alot of guys still log in with the main land guys but I would log in with Nth Straddie.(VMR 449)

    Your biggest task here is deciding where you are going to do most of your fishing.

    Cheers Aj

    If you are still stuck send a May Day to Subzero, He will advise you alot more than most can

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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Gidday Mike, congratulations on your new upcoming purchase, not sure that Big Kev on viagra is a pretty site to imagine... unfortunately I had flashes of all sorts of pictures in my head

    Most VMR units and Coastguard units monitor ch 90 and or 91. They tend to be staggered out so as to not tie up one particular frequency near each other.

    All the units monitor Ch 88 as which is the primary Distress, Safety and Callingchanel. You can call up ANY rescue unit on this chanel, but then you should move off to a working frequency to give your particulars. (Probably either Ch 90 or 91 in most instances). If you know the working Chanel of the Rescue Unit you want to log on with, you would normaly go direct to this Chanel instead of going through Ch 88. If you leave from a place where a rescue unit is based, log on at their window or through their intercom. They will tell you what Chanel to talk to them on if you ask.

    All Coastguards and VMR's service all ramp's Jettys and pontoons as they are not realy geographicly locked into a hard defined area. (We do try to use comon sense and suggest another unit might be more appropriate to your geographical location and contact them on your behalf if that is your wish)

    It is left in most instances to the Boatie to call whoom he chooses to help him if he has a problem and a preference, except in an emergency situation as prompt assistance will be the priority. Generaly if you leave from say Raby Bay, you would normaly deal wth VMR Raby Bay, If you leave from Bribie, you use VMR Bribie, Southport, VMR Southport, that sort of thing. (You should also log on and off with these same unit's if that was your departure point. The service is free and all units without exception are happy to offer the service)

    Most units will issue a forcast on 27meg upon request.
    This will be the same one that is accessable off the web at the BOM site and only updated as BOM update their site.
    Most Radio Operators will also give you their appraisal of their local conditions at the time of your call.
    Sometimes, they MAY offer you advice upon request, but will normaly be a little bit reticent to offer any opinion over the radio because of obvious litigation concerns if the advice was found to be a bit lacking in wisdom. (The radio room operator can not assess your skills, your vessels seaworthyness or the conditions you are experiencing from a Radio Room many miles away, nor any squalls etc that may come through just after they tell you their thoughts).

    You can read online, download or buy the Marine Radio Operators handbook from here

    or/and you can sit through a Radio Course at one of the Rescue Groups.

    You DO NOT need a license to operate 27meg radio, but it is reccomended that you do the MROCP/MROVCP course and perhaps sit for the Certificate. (License).

    Hope this has pretty much covered your questions

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Gidday Kiktz

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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Hi Lloyd,

    I haven't been around Ausfish that long, but long enough to realise that you're the man to talk to in regards to this. I had expected some response, but you've gone to great lengths here and I'd like you to know it's greatly appreciated. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    You've kndly provided heaps of info, which I'll be taking on board. I'll be doing a bit of reco initially to see which area suits me best, so the only remaining question I really have is where each VMR is?: you've mentioned Bribie, Raby Bay & Southport. I know you're involved with one at Vicky Point, and I'm sure there's one at Redcliffe, but are there any more?

    If anyone else knows and wants to spare Lloyd's typing fingers, please feel free to step in (thanks again Llyod). And don't be spooked when you hear a Scottish accent out on the bay [smiley=alien.gif]


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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Picked up a Boating Safety booklet from Whitworths which lists all the VMR &C.G along with their call signs and the channels they monitor.this booklet was free.
    Cheers Dazza

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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Quote Originally Posted by 2DKnB
    Picked up a Boating Safety booklet from Whitworths which lists all the VMR &C.G along with their call signs and the channels they monitor.this booklet was free.
    Cheers Dazza

    Thanks mate,

    I'll try and grab one. Just my price-range too


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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Hey Lloyd.... You going to be at the boaties market?

    2iar, Told you Lloyd was the man to speak to.......

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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels


    I usually use channel 91 when I'm on the coast and 96 in Moreton Bay. Call sign Skippa (of course)

    Mate I 'll keep an ear out for a Scottish accent ..... #

    Tony #

    Wow, just a vision of BIG KEV on Viagra ...... #not pretty # [smiley=confused.gif]
    Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people seem Bright ...... untill they speak

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    Re: Local VMR's & 27Mhz Channels

    Och, i dunno laddie
    I speak Scottish to
    No worries Mike
    Heres a link to the VMR and Coastguard websites telling you their locations



    Dazza, must grab 1 of those booklets myself, do they put the calling Chanels in on 27meg and VHF for the respective units or just the standard contact details?

    Better go, I have to work this morning.
    Cheers Lloyd

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