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    What Safety Gear


    In terms of kayaking what safety gear is required and what do you recomend? I will be going up to 1-2 kilometres off shore later this year to fish some of the reefs.

    I currently have an all round white extender light and a rear red light, PFD's, EPIRB in PFD pocket, personal Strobes.

    Are flares or a V Sheet required?

    Not that anybody seems to know what a V sheet even looks like, let alone what it means.....
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    Re: What Safety Gear

    If you have all the other stuff, wouldn't it just be better to have the flares and V sheet any way.

    If I were you I would take a 5.75 metre boat along for safety and keep the kayak tied to the roof racks.

    Do you ever find it gets uncomfortable on you while being that far out? Weather wise that is.


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    Re: What Safety Gear

    Reefs? Tempest, Barwon maybe Swains

    Rules say 1/2 nat. mile off shore you require Signaling device, PFD's, Fire fighting equipment (don't know if you smoke?), V-sheet, Flares.

    But I think I be more worried about the Police launch running me over in a kayak then them checking your safety gear.

    You'd be better off with a waterproof hand held radio then the EPIRB you chould swim in by the time they got the distress call.

    Where abouts to you go?


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    Re: What Safety Gear

    Mainly the Gold Coast , I am also looking at some areas around Noosa.

    There are some stories floating around about the professionalism of Queenslands finest police officers in boats at the moment..
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    Re: What Safety Gear

    I would certainly invest in some top shark repellant for starters! # [smiley=undecided.gif]

    Needles for stitching torn sinews, muscles and skin back together would also be helpful, tornaquets to stop the bleeding, lots of Panadol and and other stuff for pain! # [smiley=cry.gif]

    Mate, I reckon anyone who goes fishing on any offshore reef in Queensland in a kayak has some sort of a death wish personally! #[smiley=helpa.gif]

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    Re: What Safety Gear

    Coolum is a good spot for close in action. I have seen Kayaks there before.

    You will get good squire and plenty of reef species as well as mackeral during the running season.

    I could probably give you more detail if you wish.


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    Re: What Safety Gear

    Do not underestimate the sea keeping qualities of a an ocean kayak - I was travelling to North West Island (turn right at Gladstone - 35nm out to sea) on the barge "Curtis Endeavour" (sister ship to "Combie Trader" - a 45 m barge) - got to talking to a couple of kayakers who asked the barge to stop off Masthead Island, they then dropped into the water and intended visiting/camping on ALL the islands in the Capricornia group with the assistance of small "umbrella sails" - when the wind was in the right direction then off they would go.

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    Re: What Safety Gear

    I would add V sheet, flares, waterproof vhf and cellphone. 1 to 2 km out is nothing for a kayak you just have to pick the weather and keep a close eye on it. Obviously you need to be able to paddle for at least an hour without stopping.

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