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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    [smiley=smitten.gif] [smiley=gorgeous.gif]

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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    It looks sweet dunnit!!! Although I don't know why the camoflage... It's not hard to spot it in the middle of the river surrounded by water

    I am still confused how you are meant to steer the electric though when it is mounted directly behind you... I have thought about the keyring controller for the bow mount motorguides & just mounting it on the back. Then clip the keyring onto your rod & control the canoe PS2 style

    But when it comes down to it, it all costs money that I don't have, and I need the exercise anyway... he he he

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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    Dan could you adapt the same steering as they use on the surf skies??...foot pedals
    maybe the paint job cause they like fishing where no man has gone before.......and want to keep it that way

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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    The electric motors that are transom mounted are operated by rotating the handle to select speed, forward, reverse, etc... Steering is an easy one to modify (cables & a steering wheel in a canoe baby! ) but can't think of how to do the handle control.... Unless I get the wiring diagram for the switch, and then I rewire the thing....

    Thanks Matt!!! > Now I've got all these thoughts of tricking up the motor to suit a Hotfoot "go" pedal and a small sports steering wheel....

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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    more pedals man and dont forget the dice

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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    Like this one at back. Just reading a thred on a nother channel about a bloke who wants to put a briggs &stratton on back and propeller like the airboats stick shift

    There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home.

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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas

    That green one looks similar to my cat-----


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    Re: Canoe Fitout - Ideas


    Ya still got the Prowler or what? Haven't seen ya around for a while either. Weren't you down south?


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