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Thread: White Ants in the Play-Pen

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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    Hi Ausfishers,
    I'm just dropping in here for a moment to try bring this thread out of the archives, so I can get a decent URL to send to a friend.

    Bev - aka ColacGirl - aka Figjamm

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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen


    It's my first time on this site and I now have a sore back from being riveted to this story. I hope we are not too late to ask advice from the experienced out there.
    My father bought a brand new Haines V17 runabout in 1968, and we have just dragged it out from a twenty-five year sleep under a mango tree. The stringers have been cut out, the transom also needs replacing.

    We would like to restore configuration in original shape, that is no pod, etc.
    Also we do not want to paint the boat.
    Our questions:
    We would be attacking the transom first, once complete we will run new stringers to meet the new transom, is this logic OK?
    My understanding is that we are best replacing the transom from the inside. What is the best method of doing this? Concern is that we will need to lift off top shell, with no stringers in floor is this OK?
    Lastly, I can not write in this space without giving credit to those who have made it possible.
    In particular, Ross and Bev I understand a site like this only works because of members input. So thank you for your effort and giving the whole human side to a fantastic story.

    PS Pictures attached hopefully....

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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    Hi Luke,
    Welcome to Ausfish
    I'm glad you enjoyed Play-Pen's saga. Please accept my apologies for the sore back.
    Please note: we ignore any claims for compensation

    It's never too late to ask for advice on Ausfish, but the Play-Pen thread is quite old now, so your query may not attract much attention hiding in here.

    It may be better to start a New Thread by clicking the button at the top of the Boating Chat page.
    Mention Restoring or Rebuild in the title and the restoration fans and rebuilt addicts should come crawling out of the woodwork
    Just copy and paste what you asked here, and make sure you re-add the pictures.... the addicts like lots of photos

    I won't give any advice as Ross isn't here at the moment to confirm whether I am leading you up the right path. :rolleyes:

    Last edited by ColacGirl; 25-09-2007 at 11:41 AM. Reason: none of your business :-)

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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    howdy bev,
    think by now you would be qualified, run the other way. Good to see you poping on the site again, seems there been long periods of absents. What the dickins ya been doing, enjoying life or something.

    as bev has said, start a new thread and advice will flow

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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    Quote Originally Posted by blaze View Post
    howdy bev,
    Good to see you poping on the site again, seems there been long periods of absents. What the dickins ya been doing, enjoying life or something.
    Hi blaze,
    I do sneak in from time to time to read what you're all up too.
    Enjoying life? The year has disappeared too fast to enjoy much of it!

    Mostly we're plodding along making a living, Ross with his diggers and me dabbling in online selling. Actually I've sold a few things to people in your town, and think of you each time :-) This years project was getting the truck repainted, so that wasted a lot of good boating weekends.

    Poor Play-Pen hasn't seen much water this year. The last time we went camping was mid winter, and we had a day out for Father's day. We ended up being out later than planned on Fathers Day as we spun a bush in the prop on our way home. Spent a couple of hours pretending Play-Pen was a baycruiser while we nursed her back to the ramp. We're going camping this coming weekend. It won't be the same without Kev (Kingtin) there to keep us entertained!

    Teen son joined the work force in January when he scooped himself a cream job at a Riviera dealership. He's a bit of a gopher, helping out wherever he's needed, from washing boats to customer service, and the part he loves most of course is driving them :-) He was offered a job as deckie on a charter boat, off Lizard Island for 3 months. He was so tempted to go, but knocked it back in the end. We thought he'd follow his dad on the diggers but the lure of the water has won him over :-)

    Oh, and we upsized teen sons tinnie this year.
    Here's a pic of the old and new together -


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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    bumped from the archives!

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    Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    wow!!! just read 43 pages and that is the best thread i have ever read. well done

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    Thumbs up Re: White Ants in the Play-Pen

    Bugger you guy' I started reading this post this morning at 1.25 and couldn't stop till I finished it (it took bloody hours to

    All I can say is you guy's are a true inspiration to the boating community and especially to someone like me who has enough knowledge to be dangerous but lacks the true motivation to undertake such an ambitious task.

    Well done and such a great result in the end. I have just joined this site and I have purchased a Seafarer from Queensland and will be picking her up this week. She is a 1991 model with a 105 Chrysler motor or 50 hp Merc instead if I want. I think I'll stick with the Chrysler for the power and bolt on a auxiliary for a bit of trolling and cruising around.

    Does anyone have a 105 Chrysler and what do you think of them?

    Once again, well done and from what I have read there are a lot of guy's on this site that are great blokes and ladies. The friendship that has came out through this post is commendable.
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