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    Re: Towing on the Highway


    when all else fails go the name calling..all class. Call me what you want..if you look in your rear vision mirrors and see a line of vehicles behind you and you just shrug and don't care..that is ignorance.

    No need to name call I guess, your name says it all Pinhead. I always check what is behind me, but there is no way in hell that I will pull over and let anyone pass just to have them hold me up with there shitty driving skills. I you don't have the skills to safely overtake a car and a small tinny get of the road yourself.

    PS I don't even own a tinny
    Tight lines <*)(((((((((><

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

    Quote Originally Posted by IcemanII
    Always tow my 6.4 fibreglass behind the cruiser at 100/110 as it saves me stressing about a radiator getting attached to prop and ruining my holiday, if 2/3 cars queue behind me I normally find a place within a couple of k's to let them past, sort of common sense realy isn't it !
    Often see caravan's with 20 or 30 cars stuck behind them and also some times boats doing the same and not even attempting to pull over when there is room, they also often speed up when there is passing lanes. Just nothing like following someone with boat in tow at 80 then finally get to the passing lane and they decide they're going to do 110.....
    Think it is just wrong when someone thinks they own the road and stuff everyone else.
    to me this is a lot of what causes this problem. this & the following drivers are just as ignorant, the first follower will sit up the boat/vans bum, not really leaving enough room for good visability for them to see if they can pass, let alone room for a vehicle behind to fit in if they pass, the one behind also doesn't have the ability to pass so they stay there & everyone following does exactly the same thing, they don't have the balls to pass or the brains to leave space for someone that does. The lead boat then speeds up when the straights come, this compounds the problem.
    so basically you are all to blame, & I BET YOU CAN'T MERGE ONTO THE MOTORWAY PROPERLY EITHER!!!!!

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

    LOL griz..I have the skills..i did overtake them all..and all perfectly safely..not a problem there..I don;t take stupid options on the road...but you probably don't understand so I will leave it there.

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

    There are a lot of selfish impatient people on the road in general.

    Road Rage occurs when there is miscommunication. When we are in our cars there is no /limited body language which might not be seen by a fellow motorist.

    hence misunderstandings compound which leads to excessive anger.

    i reckon people need to be more understanding to each other.

    my two cents worth

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

    i would like to ask this question,

    i don't know if its still the case, but when i was an "L" plater, my speed was restricted to 80kph, even in 100 zones.

    Now if i was doing 80k's along a single lane road w/ out many passing opportunities, and you were sitting behind me and wanted to do 100, some of you are saying that you wouldn't get bothered, even if i slowed to 60k's sometimes and braked going down hill.

    Some people are saying this wouldn't worry them at all and they would happily sit behind me all the way from Brissy to Rocky.

    Now i don't know about you, but if i am driving on a highway doing 80kph, where i know ppl want to do 100, then i try and hold up the traffic as little as possible.
    I don't get behind the wheel and dissapear into my own little world and say "stuff everyone else, they can wait for me" THAT is ignorance.

    I am sorry, but if you do not feel safe keeping up with the traffic, you should have some driving lessons untill you build your confidence

    If you are towing a load that does not permit you to reach and maintain at least 80% of the posted speed, you should not be on the road.

    that's way cane harvesters are not allowed on the gateway, COZ THEY HOLD UP TRAFFIC. and if you want to drive like you are in one, STICK TO THE PADDOCKS, the cows are happy to follow you all day.

    My $1.20

    Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. But ,flogging him into submission will result in him taking up crabbing.... and once he gets a taste of that sh*t, well, he may never return again.

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

    Deiter, "
    If you are towing a load that does not permit you to reach and maintain at least 80% of the posted speed, you should not be on the road." 100% agree with you but apparently some people HAVE to travel at the posted speed limit. I still state that speed limits are set for average drivers in ideal conditions. Perhaps we need a graduated licence system (to hard for the authorities) you need to sit an additional licence test for trucks but can hook up a 6 metre boat or caravan without any other qualification than a normal car licence. Just go to any boat ramp on Sundays and watch them try and reverse.

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

    Well is this a hot subject, claws are out, few people getting letting off some steam , vent boys vent, better than seeing you get in the s..t for bashing someone with a baseball bat..
    Just got to keep your cool, yes there are enough a..holes on the road and they seem to be getting more in number, but the roads in queensland could do with a bit more width an a few less bumps and pot holes and then maybe the gov could teach driver ed in school and we could also get one set of road rules for this country of ours and the tax from fuel could be spent on roads and and and and we could live in utpoia.
    The best bet is tow your boat as fast as you are comfortable with but don't be a dill about it, and if you see a bloke towing his pride and joy , remember you wouldn't want somebody up your clacker trying to read the prop size on your outboard , beeping and carrying on like afool trying to upset you. Or would you? do u

    Give a man a fish and feed him for a day , teach a man to fish and feed him for life .

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    Re: Towing on the Highway

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