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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Pete, BULLSHIT , i have 2.5 ton of cat no problem 25 kn.

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Sorry last post is english for" steer with nuts poo."
    Pete thought mod12345679 would get upset, sorry to get confusing.
    I know you have welded new tunnel guide on , but i am dealing with same problem, guiding large 2 hulled thing onto trailer with minimal help.
    Look it works , not my idea , someone is brighter than lots of us.
    No need for huge tunnel guide except to scrape bit that troy hates the most.... Can not help it , bought it that way.

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    G'day Saurian,

    Witty ... very witty...

    Do you have a pic of your trailer, maybe it is different to what I am thinking?
    The ones I have seen that fit your description only have a small (say 3") return on the 45 degree angle.

    Also, I just spent $500 on steel to modify it, so I have to work with what I have got.

    It works fine, and I dont have a problem with its function ... just that it is possible to get a sponson up the middle of the fence if I dont watch what I am doing.



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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    sent you a pm pete



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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Page 3 , whats going on Pete?

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Update tomorrow ... been too busy getting things ready for the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

    Sylvania Marine (Caribbean Dealers from Sydney) have a 35ft Caribbean called "Blank Cheque" on display. We did the entire fitout of the boat.

    If you are at the show, take a look.

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Pete, 3 inch return is about it. I have never had a problem with over shooting approach onto trailer even in windy conditions, if the arse end is off to one side it gets pulled straight as i progress onto trailer.
    I think high centres on cat trailers are useful if you launch retreive in swelly conditions, as the boat rises and falls it does not get lifted off and
    onto sharp galvanized metal bits.
    Yes $ 500 already well spent , next time .Sounds like middle engine sponson needs its own little guide system to hold it on track .
    I have never seen one in practice so cannot help there.
    Maybe a few extra slides in the middle of the trailer where the 3 rd sponson sits will give it some support.

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Gee... I couldnt even find my own post !! it was down to page 8

    The carbon fibre panels are made and installed, along with the old gauges.

    I had to take a bit of time to decide exactly what to do ... the original Volvo dash panel was stuffed, so I re mounted everything in the carbon fibre panel.
    This created its own dramas, as wires etc all had to be extended, and the alarm panel was actually part of the old dash ... not just inserted like a gauge is. So I had to cut, shut, modify, swear a bit, think lots more, araldite, stainless allthread and voila ! ... new dash.

    I am waiting on a new gauge bezel for the missing gauge. As you can see from the picture of the old dash, it was broken and just sikaflexed in.

    I would have loved to replaced all the gauges, but at $1800 it was money I wasnt prepared to spend. They are VDO gauges, but as stated before, the yare specifically tuned to the volvo A41. Putting in an after market gauge will apparently give an innaccurate reading according to my mechanic who knows these things inside out.

    I spoke to VDO and they couldnt give me a straight answer ... so, old gauges it is.

    They still need a bit more polishing ... and I should have cleaned the dash before the pics were taken ... but anyway, here it is.

    I have also repainted the inside window surrounds.

    And I have been working on re-wiring. Pretty boring stuff, but absolutely necessary.

    I am now at a stage where I can pretty much start re lining the cabin.



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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    New helm Pic
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    New Dash Pic
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Sweet , nice simple plan that isn't over the top. Looks good Pete. Goes good with the gold. Good onya.


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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    thought id stumbled across a scene from star trek for a minute there.

    grand marlin you sure have gone where no man has boldly gone before, that helm looks pretty clean and simple but damn it looks good too. its amazing the amount of talent within the ausfish pool. how about you all come around and fix my boat and ill sit with stubby in hand and watch the procession.


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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Nice to see you back Pete.....I was waiting on another update. She's looking neat. Now can Ausfish please have more of your attention and bugger anyone else


    What some people mistake for the high cost of living, is really the cost of living high.

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    Pete - Damn! It's looking great!!! That gold really did go well. Will have to come and see it again soon... Might have to bring a few drinkies along and pick your brain a bit more....

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    Re: Sharkat 700 Rebuild

    nice work pete, helm looks great this cat is going to be a ripper!!

    where's the deckies list?? you can put me down

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