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    best drum anchor winch

    just bought a new 20 footer and am gonna put an electric anchor winch drum style on it. just wondering which one people thought were the best to get.will need to hold 100 m of rope. any advice will be much appreciated

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    Re: best drum anchor winch

    Hi Tonks

    Can I ask why you are keen to spend the $s on a winch

    Where do you fish

    Reason I ask is that I was going to do the same thing as you but when I looked into it I figured

    Its a lot of $s
    There are easier and quicker ways to get the anchor down
    And up
    For shallow water do I really need a winch?
    For deep water there are anchor retrivers on a float that I can put on and take off the warp as needed.

    Not trying to totally talk you out of it there is a big reel set up with a motor on the end of the reel that is quite dear and needs to have specific warp on it I think for you to get the length you want

    Heres the link


    What could go wrong.......................

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