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Thread: Quick stop by the Brisbane river

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    Quick stop by the Brisbane river

    On my way to Esk from Brisbane this morning, had the rod and some lures in the back of the suby so I stopped at the bridge outside Fernvale to have a quick flick. It was about 7am so a bit late in the day, but couldnt believe the life in the water there, splashes of bait fish and mullet all over the place. Caught sight of a lung fish taking a breath and tried to get a photo of him as he kept coming up every 10 mins or so, but when ever he came up I wasnt ready, anyway, just wanted to share some of the pics I got, sorry, no fish.

    Just missed him

    and again

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    Re: Quick stop by the Brisbane river

    Good pics Canoedle. I havent been up that way for years, Id forgotten what it looked like.

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    Re: Quick stop by the Brisbane river

    The Hobie would be perfect for that sort of water m8, I thought of you as I was wishing I had my canadian with me. The weed beds along the bank over hanging branches make it very hard to cast from the bank.

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    Re: Quick stop by the Brisbane river

    looks really fishy........

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    Re: Quick stop by the Brisbane river

    Well done Canoedle! My Uncle lives in Tagoolawah which isnt too far from there, Fernvale and Esk are a nice part of QLD arnt they if you go any further west it gets abit .... . When im down at Somerset next with my Uncle i will have a crack at the River, it looks alright aye. Cheers.


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