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Thread: Tinnaroo Red Claw

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    Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Caught this unusual coloured red claw on a recent trip to Tinnaroo Dam and have been in touch with the university(JCU) and they have told me that the unsuual colour is due to a gene deformity. I had an excellent tripwith plenty of red claw that measured around 40cm from tip of tail to tip of claw and they were yum

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    one more

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Nice yabbys mate! i used to live in tamworth nsw and used too chase them all the time as a young fella got a few big ones but nothin around 40cm. Great work. Whytey.
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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    nice reddies make good livies for big barra

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    fugg the barra nothing like crustations.mmmmmmmmmmm yyumm.

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    i like barra u know. it is wal fellas i like my red clawing. might be going in a couple a days.

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    nice interesting

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    yep nd i cleaned up with bout 400 so it was interesting

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    barraboy, i took the kids camping up to tinaroo on the school holidays and we tried our luck with the pots. our largest was 17 inches from end to end, couldn''t believe the size of it. beautiful meat to with curry and rice!!

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    you should of chucked it on as live bait and hang on.

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    It would be interesting to find out who you talked to at JCU. My understanding is that there is a natural phenotype that ranges in colour from a bright blue colour to a greenish and even brown colour. This colour is close to the edges of the colour range, so is rare (phenotypic expression is usually a bell-curve type of thing). There are examples of this in marron and yabbies as well, and people have even bred family lines of these species that consistently express the bright blue trait consistently to sell in the aquarium trade.

    In short, it is not a gene deformity, but rather an unusual but entirely natural gene expression.

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Hi Waznot,
    # # # # # # # # # #Good to read that you had fun with the kids catching Red Claw. An excelent bait for them is pilchards kept in bags made from shade cloth or fly screen.

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Nice reddy mate

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Hey Why-Ting,

    I think what you were cathing out at Tamworth would be a different species - Cerax Destructor - or something like that (what we used to call crawbobs, or crawchies) - a bluer colout to the redclaw, smaller and they don't have the red patch on the claw. I could be wrong though - i have no credibility

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    cant wait till they come back on the chew at bigW since the water levells droped you cant catch the suckers.nice done on the bar b q with satay sauce

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