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Thread: Tinnaroo Red Claw

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Thats not all that different the colouring on him'. Still good catch. I catch redclaw at Tinaroo every weekend, my dad sets traps every Friday night (at a secret location ) and we power out to pick em' up every Saturday evening! Always have more then 20 in every pot, we just love em'. We only keep what we need though.


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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    nice reddie

    while its a male it does tend to ahve more blue like the females
    i have breed them in the past and that colour doesn't appear too unusual

    I know they make a great substitute for prawns in a curry

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw

    Had a yabby like that once in my tank, everytime it changed shell it got blue-er until it was electric blue quite pretty.

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    Re: Tinnaroo Red Claw


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