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Thread: Mekong Giant Catfish

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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish

    i laughed when i saw that too.. fishing with the saltiga.. they must go pretty hard..

    what size is that .. the 4500?.. what sort of line.. braid? what break strain?

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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish


    what brand outboard is on that canoe looks like a huqvarnha

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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish

    cool dude . i would like to go over there with my stella it would be fun .

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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish

    that would be so awesome to catch them.. !!!

    check out this site.. some huge catties! also some nice exotics that would be worth hooking up to..

    10% of people catch 90% of the fish

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    10% of people catch 90% of the fish

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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish

    Bloody catfish . Cant stand them


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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish

    Quote Originally Posted by yalla
    awesom fishin mate looks like ur fishin off a balcony or somethin hey i readin russia they get cat fish to 150 kg in rivers
    yallah i cant tell ya if its right i aint seen no pics

    Wow, those things are huge, how do they get them in the boat???

    I found this pic of a european catfish a while back.


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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish


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    Re: Mekong Giant Catfish

    Yeah, im pretty sure the saltiga in the photo is a 4500.
    Would be great fun catching them, but wouldn't want to touch them without gloves on. Yuk!

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