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Thread: yellowbelly 21.7.06

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    yellowbelly 21.7.06

    well myself angiG and devils angler headed out nice and early this frosty morning to see if we could get among som freshys.......third cast out and i was on to a nice yella....was very happy to get a start like that......usually the catties are so thick gettin a yella is hard but thid morning was turning out different.....15 mins later i was on to another yella and a much better size one that...fully stoked!.... .......angiG worked out where the elusive catties were hihdin out an scored a few quite hard fightin was another good morning in the fog........and yer in the 1st iwasnt stuffin my face with choclate..its a

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    angi G cattie

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    ye ole yella

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    the bigger one fell for a slowly worked spinnerbait round a stump

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    nice yella were are you fishing cheers bdowdy

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    im sworn to secrecy but lets just say the upper brisbane river....sorry

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    i reckon thats below somerset

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    Don't lie ya grub, we know it's choclate .

    Good stuff fella's, some nice fish.

    Let's not debate as to where the fish were caught... I've already seen one silly post based on 'where' this week... don't make it 2. If Mr Choclate guts says its the Upper Brisbane River, its the Upper Brisbane River. Period.


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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    now that you say that its below somerset well may look like it cheers bdowdy

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    If Mr Choclate guts says its the Upper Brisbane River, its the Upper Brisbane River. Period.

    only sayin where i reckonit was as it looked fimiler the stucture of the river

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    i swear its not choclate! i swear! lol

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    Re: yellowbelly 21.7.06

    Yeah very good day.
    The mornign was amazing.
    I would have still been stoked even if we got no fish!


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