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Thread: Silver Bullet!

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    Silver Bullet!

    I went for a paddle in the river again, as it was reasonably high tide the paddling was a bit easier this time. Heaps of life in the water, mostly mullet and gar I think. Managed to land my biggest Tarpon yet on my new Nitro Ultralight Spin Finesse, I just love this rod. 8lb spiderwire stealth and 12lb nylon leader with a river 2 sea bubble pop in a light brown colour.

    It's quite hard to get a photo of a fish this size while on a kayak lol.

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    Re: Silver Bullet!

    Nice fish mate, Well done!
    Might have to pop up there soon and have a good for a few.

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    Re: Silver Bullet!

    Go the Nitro's!!!

    We'll have to get up there again soon mate... I've restocked the poppers, and am not going to use stupidly light line again

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    Re: Silver Bullet!

    no worries Dan

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    Re: Silver Bullet!

    Nice fish
    good on ya

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    Re: Silver Bullet!


    i catch tarpon even bigger on softplastic of the bank with bream sticks.

    it is really fun.

    biggest one i have caught is 79cm.

    they are all aroud the some size there they are about the 50 to 60 mark
    heaps of fun with 6 pound line and a 10 pound leader

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    Re: Silver Bullet!

    Canoedle Have you tried fly fishing on the kyak yet?

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    Re: Silver Bullet!

    good fish mate

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